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Fact Books

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The Annual Profile of the University of Oklahoma - also known as the OU Fact Book - is published each year in February/March with data as of the most recently completed fall and/or fiscal year.  The Fact Book is a comprehensive source of data about students, faculty and staff, finances, and research activity at OU.  It includes summaries for the entire University of Oklahoma, as well as information for each of the three physical campuses of which OU is comprised: Norman Campus, Health Sciences Center, and OU-Tulsa.

Over the past few years, the University of Oklahoma has grown more complex in structure, causing some confusion about which data are appropriate to use for official reporting. To address this problem, IRR has decided to apply two changes to our reporting process:

    (1)    We will simplify our reports as much as possible, removing data that - while accurate - tended to cause a lot of confusion and has been frequently misused.

    (2)    We will better label, note, and otherwise document our reports to more clearly explain both what the report includes/excludes and suggest appropriate uses for the data therein.

Given the planned changes to the Fact Book, we will not be publishing the tables here on our website according to their old numbering structure. All tables will be renumbered once we have completed our overhaul of the entire report, and at that time we will provide a table of contents similar to what has been provided in the past. Until then, we will start posting updated content by subject-area groupings and table name.


Copies of the previous full years of the Fact Book are provided below.

2015 Fact Book

All Campuses

Part I: General Information

About the University of Oklahoma - Mission Statement

About the University of Oklahoma Campuses

Highlights of 2014

Chronological History

Establishment Dates

Part II: Organizational Charts

University Administrative Organizational Chart

University Development Organizational Chart

General Counsel Organizational Chart

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Organizational Chart

Public Affairs Organizational Chart

University Outreach Organizational Chart

Student Affairs Organizational Chart

Norman Campus Provost Organizational Chart

Norman Campus Administration and Finance Organizational Chart

Norman Campus Research Organizational Chart

Information Technology Organizational Chart

Part III: Enrollment and Employee

Total Headcount Enrollment

Headcount Enrollment by Campus

FTE Enrollment for All Campuses

Headcount Enrollment Trends for All Campuses

FTE Enrollment Trends for All Campuses

Annual Student Credit Hour Enrollment by Level: Norman Campus

Total University Employees by Campus

Norman Campus

Part I: Academic

Degrees Offered

Degree Inventory Statistics

Degrees Conferred by Major

Degrees Conferred by College and Level

Number of Degrees Conferred by Level

Part II: First-Time Students

Admissions Guidelines for First-Time College Students

First-Time Students  Updated 3/13/15

First-Time Student Trend  Updated 3/5/15

Retention and Graduation Rates of First-Time, Full-Time Degree-Seeking Students

Part III: Norman Campus Students

Headcount by Tuition Residency and by Sex  Updated 3/13/15

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

Enrollment by Full-Time/Part-Time and by Tuition Residency

Enrollment by College and by Class

Enrollment by Class within College

Enrollment by College, Race/Ethnicity and Sex  Updated 3/13/15

Enrollment by Oklahoma County

Enrollment by County in Oklahoma (Map)

Enrollment by State and U.S. Territories

Enrollment by State and U.S. Territories (Map)

Enrollment of International Students by Country

Total Enrollment by College, Department and Level

Total Enrollment by College and Level

Graduate/Professional Enrollment by College, Department and Level

Part V: Faculty and Staff

Number of Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty by Rank, Sex and Race/Ethnicity  Updated 3/13/15

Full-Time Faculty Tenure Status by Rank and Sex   Updated 3/13/15

Full-Time Instructional Faculty Tenure Status by College

Part VI: Budget (not available)

Part VII: Sponsored Programs (not available)

Part VIII: Other

Current Tuition and Fee Rates

Tuition Rates per Credit Hour

Financial Aid Awards

Nonresidential Space by Room Use

Net Assignable Square Footage by Program


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