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Division of Student Affairs and Other Student Service Areas

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Most of the graduate assistant positions for Student Affairs areas have been filed or are in the hiring process.  However, you are welcome to submit your application in case an opening becomes available.


It is important to note that Student Affairs graduate assistantship responsibilities must match the academic program area of the student in order for the tuition waiver to be received.  Therefore, most of the students hired are Adult and Higher Education or Human Relations, except for specialty areas. 


The Student Affairs GA application can be found here:


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Looking for a position

Most graduate assistantships are filled during the late spring for summer/fall placement.  Each department operates on their own timeline of hiring.  Once the positions are listed, you will communicate with the individual contact from each department that you are interested in working.

Adult and Higher Education (EDAH) and Human Relations (HR) graduate assistants receive an automatic tuition waiver.  Graduate assistants in other academic programs must have job responsibilities that align with their degree program in order to be hired and receive a tuition waiver.  Situations such as this will go through a petition process with the Graduate College. 

If you would like to receive emails when positions are posted, please email Dr. Becky Barker at with your name, email and area of study (EDAH, HR or others).


Assistantships include a tuition waiver (however, you are still responsible for fees), a stipend, and student insurance.

Following are links to great resources for Graduate Students seeking an assistantship:


Graduate Assistant Handbook

As a graduate assistant, you belong to a unique group within the University of Oklahoma in that you have two basic responsibilities. This handbook describes the university policies that deal with your role as a graduate assistant. Your academic unit may also have its own policies regarding eligibility, appointment, enrollment, workload, performance review, and reappointment.


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In order to be a Qualifying Graduate Assistant (QGA), that is, in order to qualify for a tuition waiver in the Fall or Spring semester, a graduate assistant must:

Hold at least a .50 appointment (which is equivalent to 20 hours per week) from the first day of class to the last day of final examinations
Be enrolled in a minimum of 5 hours

Tuition for Advanced Programs, Liberal Studies, College of Continuing Education, OU Outreach, College of Law, Professional degrees offered through OU Health Science Center and audited courses are not eligible for Graduate College tuition waivers.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Tuition Waivers for Degree Programs starting Fall 2010 or later
In the spring or fall semester, a QGA who began her/his current master's or doctoral degree program in or after the 2010 Fall Semester may be eligible for a waiver of up to the total number of hours remaining toward the degree provided that s/he enrolls in 5 or more credit hours and holds a graduate assistantship total of at least .50 FTE.

A student's eligibility for a waiver in the summer is based on whether s/he held or will hold a qualifying appointment in the preceding spring or following fall semester.

A student's maximum total waiver over the course of a single degree program is the number of hours remaining toward the degree when s/he first receives a tuition waiver. If a student in the final semester of the degree program is only eligible for 1-4 hours, s/he may receive an additional waiver of up to the minimum enrollment required to qualify for a waiver.

For complete information about the tuition waiver program for students whose degree programs started Fall 2010 or later, please refer to the Graduate College Web site.

Intersession Tuition Waivers:
If a QGA does not use all the available tuition waiver amount in a given semester, the remaining amount may be applicable to certain courses in the intersession immediately following the semester. Students should contact the Graduate College for complete information.



Becky Barker, Ph.D.
Director, Leadership and Volunteerism
Adjunct Faculty, Adult and Higher Education