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FAQ's about OSC

What is OSC?

OSC is the acronym for Organizational Staff Council, which is one of four staff governance groups made up of all the staff of the University.


Who are the others?

  • Hourly Employee’s Council (HEC)
  • Informational Staff Association (ISA)
  • Administrative Staff Council (ASC)


How do I choose which one to be on?

You do not choose, you are automatically a member of one of the groups.  Each staff member appointed through the Norman campus is represented within the governance system by a member group.


How is that decided?

Individuals classified as non-exempt (hourly) staff are members of the Hourly Employees Council.  Exempt (monthly) staff are including in one of the other three depending on their job classification.


What is the purpose of OSC?

OSC exists to promote staff interest, improve communications and contribute to a sense of University community. OSC provides staff members the opportunity to be a part of and a voice in staff governance through the Staff Senate.


What is Staff Senate?

Staff Senate is made up of representatives from each of the 4 member groups, as selected by the members.  It is the staff governance body representing all staff of the Norman campus.


How can I be involved?

The best way to get started is to attend the monthly meetings of your member group and/or the Staff Senate; serve on a committee or committees, and volunteer for special events and projects such as the Staff Week event.  You CAN make a difference!


What does a typical OSC meeting agenda include?

Following are some of the items included in agendas this year:

  • Speakers:  Lynn Baker – “The Power of Nice”, Fred Beard – “Humor in Advertising”, Michelle Boydstun – “OU Shared Leave Program” and Nick Kelly – “OU Benefits update”
  • Tours of:  National Weather Center, Gaylord School of Journalism & Mass Communications and History of Science Collection
  • Committee Reports on:  Staff Senate, Staff Week Bingo event, Changes to Constitution and By-laws,

Other business including: Purchase of new bingo cards, Contributions to Staff Senate Ad hoc committee on Staff Handbook changes, Sponsorship of a needy family for the holiday, charitable donations to Big Brothers/Big Sisters and CCFI and War Veterans, and selection of Merit Awards for staff.

For additional information about OSC, see, or contact OSC President, Amanda Hale at  For more information regarding Staff Senate, see