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media control simulator

OU IT, in conjunction with the Provost Advisory Committee on Classrooms (PACCR), has standardized the design and functionality found in centrally scheduled classrooms across the Norman Campus. All renovated classrooms are equipped with a Classroom Media Control Interface to operate the technology within the classroom without the need for remote controls.

Classroom Media Control Interface

The Classroom Media Control Interface below simulates approximately 85% of the functionality provided in renovated centrally scheduled classrooms and many departmentally controlled classrooms across campus. This interface may vary slightly in some classrooms, but operates in the same fashion as outlined in this simulator.

Under the simulator graphic are directions for the current mode the classroom media control inteface is in. You can click on the graphic as instructed in the directions to navigate the functionality provided within renovated, centrally scheduled classrooms across the Norman Campus. In addition, below the directions are tips and descriptions of what you can typically expect to see on the classroom's projecection screen or display as well as your laptop or classroom computer, if installed. 

PACCR Crestron Control Interface (Standby Mode)

The system is currently in standby mode. Please press the blank screen on the control interface above to activate the control interface.

Projection Screen/Display

The projection screen or display will not show any content when the classroom system is in this standby mode.

Laptop/Computer Monitor

The content shown on the laptop or computer monitor will not be displayed on the room's projection screen or display.

If you have not done so already, please connect your laptop to the classroom system with the VGA and audio cables provided near the control panel on the instructor's desk or audio/video (A/V) system.