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scan and copy

OU IT now offers the ability to scan and e-mail or to copy your documents using eCopy-enabled printers. Scanning and e-mailing from an eCopy is free, and copies cost the normal lab printing prices. Scanning and copying are available in the following labs:

  • Dale Hall Tower 105
  • Felgar Hall 300
  • Oklahoma Memorial Union 207
  • Physical Sciences 232
  • Walker Tower Computer Lab

Bizzell Memorial Library locations:

  • Bizzell Computer Lab
  • Bizzell Current Periodicals
  • Chemistry/Mathematics Library
  • Fine Arts Library

using an eCopy device

eCopy-enabled printers are recognizable by the keyboards attached to them. To use eCopy:

  1. Place your document to be scanned either on the glass, or in the document feeder on top of the copier. Once your document is in place, log in to eCopy using your OUNet ID and Password.

  2. To use the default settings, press one of the six buttons in the center of the screen. If you wish to adjust the scanning options, press the Scanner button at the bottom right.

  3. Once you have selected Scan or Copy, your page(s) will be scanned and displayed. You can move between pages using the up and down arrows at the top left of the screen. You can also delete or rotate the image using the buttons on the left side of the screen.

  4. Click Next at the top right to move to the next step or select Scan More to scan additional pages. If you're scanning and e-mailing, you can change the file format using the Document Settings button.

  5. If you're scanning and emailing, the next screen will allow you to choose the e-mail recipient. Press the To button and type the e-mail address. You can also search the Global Address List by typing your recipients name (Last, First) and pressing Search.

  6. Once you are done, you have several options:

    • New Job will take you back to the initial screen.
    • New Document will perform the same job (copy or scan) on a new document.
    • New Destination will perform a new operation on the file you just scanned. If you are making copies and wish to make another copy, choose the type of copies you want and then click New Destination.