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Software TitlesDescriptionAvailable
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Special Request
Adobe for InstitutionalAcrobat Reader, Flash Player, Creative SuiteX  XX 
Autodesk ProductsAutoCAD and Autodesk ProductsX XX  
ArcGISGIS mapping and cartography XXX  
CognosReporting XXX  
ComputranceData ProtectionX  XX 
EndNoteBibligraphic Management ToolX  XX 
IMSLIMSL Numeric Libraries for Desktop Computing X XXX
JAWSScreen Reading Assistive Technology  XX  
MathematicaSymbolic Math Computation EnvironmentX  XXX
MATLABMathematic Matric Lab for Interactive ComputationX XXXX
Microsoft Expression Web 4Web Developement ToolX  X  
Microsoft MapPointMap Integration ToolX     
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint,
Microsoft OneNoteInline Note-taking ToolX  X  
Microsoft ProjectProject Planning ToolX  X  
Microsoft VisioDiagramming and Flow Chart ToolX  X  
Microsoft Visual StudioDevelopement EnvironmentX  X  
nVivoQualitative Analytic ToolX  X  
Oracle IPMImaging and Prcess Management SystemX     
Parallels DesktopRuns Windows Applications on a MacX   X 
ProCiteBibliographic Management ToolX  XX 
RedHatRedHat Linux Operating System X   X
Reference ManagerBibliographic Management ToolX  XX 
RespondusExam ManagementX  XX 
SASData Analysis and Report Generation X XXX
Seek-N-SecureData ProtectionX  XX 
SPSSData Access and Prep, Analytic Reporting X XX 
Symantec AntivirusAntivirus SoftwareX  XX 
VM Ware FusionRuns Windows Applications on a Mac    X 
VPNVirtual Private Network SoftwareX  XX 
Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 Operating SystemX  X