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Outreach Video and Media Services - satellite, video camera, control panel, and VMS signage

Outreach Video and Media Services

“We have the crew, the equipment, and the skills to do any broadcasting that you need–whether it’s streaming, satellite, commercials, or documentaries.”

- Ray Leyva, Director of VMS

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Video and Media Services, a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach, was created in 1991. VMS, along with the Center for Public Management, created a state of the art live broadcast satellite training system. It was this type of pioneering technology that has set VMS apart from the competition. VMS has continued to be at the leading edge of technology to meet future demands and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

VMS is currently located in the Thurman J White Forum building on the south end of campus in Norman, Oklahoma. Our services are available to the private and public sector.

VMS provides a 2,000 square foot full service studio and high definition field productions. In addition, digital editing, audio recording and mastering, scriptwriting, web streaming, transcription, and closed captioning.

Our well-trained, creative staff is ready to help you with your production needs.

What we offer:

  • Full service video productions
  • Transcription and captioning to meet ADA requirements
  • Live streaming
  • Video and audio editing
  • 3D and motion graphics
  • Satellite broadcasting and HD downlinks

About the Services We Offer:

Outreach Video and Media Services - pre-production contract

A great script can make the creative process of your video more organized. VMS has a passion for storytelling and helping you meet your goals. The scriptwriting is a collaboration between the client and scriptwriter. In fact, we encourage it.

No one knows your department or objective better than you.

VMS producers can help you create a clear, concise and creative project that will bring your vision and goals to life on screen. During pre-production, the Producer will help with scripting, storyboards, talent and location settings. The Producer is also on site during filming and post-production.

OU Video and Media Services LIVE

Conveniently located on south campus, our 2000 square foot studio offers many options for your video and photography needs. Our studio provides a controlled environment that cannot be replicated when shooting in the field.                                                                                                              

Additional items in studio include various backdrops, custom set options, audio booth, control room, green screen, and teleprompter. Live streaming and satellite uplinks can also be incorporated while filming in studio. You will find the parking to be convenient and our green room stocked with refreshments and a make-up area.

Camera in-studio production

Not all productions occur in a studio; shooting on location can bring life to any video. Working with compact equipment, our crew can film in any location. We can scout locations to find the perfect backdrop.

Our creative team has the expertise and resources to create high quality, cutting edge content for your video. We offer multi-camera productions that include a full range of lighting, audio equipment and teleprompter. Live streaming can also be added for live productions.

VMS studio camera equipment

VMS has two spacious editing suites featuring the latest software including FCPX, Premier and Avid. The edit suites are capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of broadcast formats. An array of graphics can also be created including 3D, motion and animations. These state of the art rooms can operate independently or concurrently on your projects.

VMS satellite on OU campus

Providing accessible materials in academic and corporate settings is extremely important. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Oklahoma Statute: Title 62 states that all Federal and State entities must provide accessible material.

Our trained transcriptionists have experience with ADA and the Department of Education guidelines. Since accuracy provides the highest quality, we never use software to complete our transcripts.

VMS offers closed or open captioning and subtitles. We have a set standard but can also customize the captions based on the client preference.

Outreach Video and Media Services satellite dish

Satellite: Our KU digital satellite (SD) allows you to transmit anywhere in the world. From the VMS studio, you can connect with networks day or night. We offer several backdrop options for your convenience. VMS can also downlink programming and sporting events in HD.

Duplication: DVD authoring and duplication can be completed in a timely manner and with the convenience of an on-campus location. We offer custom labeling created by our creative staff. We can also convert Beta and DV tapes to DVD or digital files.

Photography: Our photographers can be on-site at your event or help you get the perfect headshot. Headshots can be taken at your office, on campus or in the VMS studio.

Public Announcement Systems: Large audio recordings can be tricky. Our experienced staff can set-up and record up to 12 microphones of live audio. This includes speakers for large rooms and audiences.

  • Current Conversations is a television show hosted by Robert Con Davis-Undiano and produced by Video and Media Services in OU Outreach. The program airs on OETA HD every Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

  • Department of Human Services – Pioneer Library System – Pay Site

  • University of Oklahoma: College of Liberal Studies – School of Music- College of Law – College of Architecture – Disability Resource Center

  • Networks: EuroVision — Alhurra Television — Al Jazeera — NBC — CBS — FOX — CNN — BBC — MSNBC

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Video and Media Services is happy to discuss your project and provide an estimate.


Outreach Video and Media Services

VMS satellite on OU campus

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