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General Information

  1. Where is Parking & Transportation Services located?
    Parking & Transportation Services is located at 1107 Elm Ave. in Stubbeman Place. The office is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  2. Where can I review a copy of the parking regulations booklet?
    Download a copy of the Norman Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations booklet (PDF).

  3. I have a new car or new license plate. How do I update my account with P&T?
    You can manage your vehicle information online by clicking on this site. Enter your login ID and password, then select "login." Select "manage your vehicle," then select "add vehicle." Enter your information as if you are adding a vehicle. You do not have access to delete any information already in the database. Complete required fields and submit.

  4. Where can you park in metered parking for free?
    After 5 p.m. you may park at a meter with a valid parking permit for free. All other times you may park for free with a valid visitor's parking permit or with a valid OU parking permit along with a state physical disability permit.

  5. Do disability permit-holders have to pay a meter if they park at one?
    No. All that is required is a valid OU parking permit and the state physical disability permit (both must be displayed on the rear view mirror) or a temporary OU Physical Disability permit.

  6. Can I rent a vehicle from Parking & Transportation Services?
    You can join CarShare, operated by Enterprise Holdings. You can rent one of three cars available by the day or by the hour. Rates range from $8 to $11 per hour. Visit to sign up.


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