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For information about oZONE, contact ozoneinfo [at] ou [dot] edu.

For help with technical difficulty, contact ozonehelp [at] ou [dot] edu.

oZONE for Faculty and Staff

oZONE provides faculty and staff 24/7 single sign-on access to manage student information and records.

Faculty and Staff Training and Instructions

The training and instructions page for faculty and staff provides directions for using the functions in the different tabs in oZONE.

oZONE Change Request Committee

The oZONE Change Request Committee (OCRC) meets regularly, decides which enhancements to make, and determines the priority order in which approved enhancements get accomplished. 

oZONE Executive Priorities - November 18, 2014 - in alphabetical order

oZONE Forms

To request access to student academic and financial records, fill out and submit this form
Request for Access to Student Academic and Financial Records

oZONE Change request form - This form is used to request changes/enhancements to oZONE.
Requests are reviewed by the oZONE Student Change Board on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. If approved by that group, requests are then forwarded to the oZONE Change Request Committee for consideration at their next meeting.  Requests should be submitted well in advance of their due dates. For requests adding new tables or columns to the ODS, the requestor must attach a completed Data Dictionary Template found at under ‘ODS/Cognos Data Dictionary.’

Request for Cognos Reporting Access - This form is used to request access to Cognos Reporting tool.