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For information about oZONE, contact ozoneinfo [at] ou [dot] edu.

For help with technical difficulty, contact ozonehelp [at] ou [dot] edu.

oZONE Team

The oZONE team is a campuswide group of individuals representing numerous departments. More than 250 people are contributing at least some portion of their time to the project. Everyone works very hard to make this new system useful and helpful to the entire OU community.

Executive Leadership

Executive Steering Committee

Nick Hathaway, Chair
Loretta Early
Matt Hamilton
Chris Kuwitzky
Nancy Mergler

Executive Sponsor

Nancy Mergler

Business Process Owners

Matt Hamilton, Enrollment & Student Financial Services
Brad Burnett, Enrollment & Student Financial Services
Caryn Pacheco, Financial Aid
Kathleen Schmidt, Bursar
Andy Roop, Recruitment
Susan Whyatt, Admissions
Breck Turkington, Enrollment and Academic Records

oZONE Change Request Committee members

Brad Burnett, Chair, Enrollment & Student Financial Services
Holly Lewis, Chair, Information Technology
Aaron Biggs, Arts & Sciences
Tommy Bui, Information Technology
Bradley Cook, Bursar Business Owner
Glenn Crouch, Information Technology
Gray Delacluyse, Information Technology
Sandy Fisher, Information Technology
Emilie Giustozzi, Information Technology
Marcus Glenn, Enrollment Services
Glenn Hansen, Information Technology
Jeff Henderson, OU Outreach representative
Eddie Huebsch, Information Technology
Will Jacobs, OU Outreach representative
Lindsey Johnson, Information Technology
Chris Kennedy, Enrollment & Student Financial Services
Jennifer Lang, Bursar Business Owner
Susannah Livingood, Institutional Reporting Business Owner
Caryn Pacheco, Financial Aid Business Owner
Kathi Robinett, Financial Aid
Andy Roop, Recruitment Business Owner
Susan Sasso, Student Affairs Representative
Al Schwarzkopf, Faculty Senate representative
Kathleen Schmidt, Bursar Business Owner
George Thomas, Information Technology
Deborah Trytten, faculty representative
Breck Turkington, Enrollment Services and Academic Records Business Owner
Jeff Wall, Information Technology
Jean Ware, Publicity Representative
Susan Whyatt, Admissions Business Owner
Josh Wilson, Information Technology

Implementation Project Managers and Functional Teams

Functional Project Manager

Brad Burnett

Portal Functional Team

Lindsey Johnson, Lead
Melanee Hamilton

Student Functional Team

Rick Skeel, Lead
Susan Whyatt - Admissions
Carol Hoadley, Will Jacobs - CCE
Angie Castillo - Graduate College
Patti Otto - Institutional Research
Chris Kennedy - Recruitment
Shari Black - Registration
Krista Pettersen - OU-Tulsa

Financial Aid Functional Team

Kathi Robinett, Lead
Kathryn Wiyninger - Bursar
Patti Otto - Institutional Research

Bursar Functional Team

Kathleen Schmidt, Lead
Kathryn Wiyninger - Bursar
Mary Ellen Tasier - Bursar

Training Functional Team

Anita Tom
Simon Adeniji

Reporting Functional Team

Cheryl Jorgenson, Denise Davis - Leads
David Wilkins - Data Warehouse
Terry Martin - Data Warehouse Architect
Kay Ryter - HR Representative
Terri Pinkston - FSS Representative

Technical Project Manager

Eddie Huebsch

Integration/Technical Team

Larry Gutman, Lead
Pat Wallace
Belinda DeJarnett
Marcus Glenn
Ann Patten
Eric Boyd
Prakash Paul
Sandy Fisher
Abhishek Khattri
Rajesh Konda

Infrastructure Support Team

Matt Younkins, Lead
Jiang Tian, Josh Wilson - Database Administrators
Fred Keller, Steve Walls, Gensheng Qian, Gaythri Swaminathan - System Administrators
Zane Gray - Network Adminstrator
Colleen Cowin - Application Security Administrator
Glen Black - Desktop Deployment
Mike Sewell - Network Security

Publicity Team

Lindsey Johnson, Melanee Hamilton, Nicholas Key, Brad Burnett, Jean Ware