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MBA/Institute of French Petroleum (Paris, France) Collaboration Program

Up to three students enrolled in the University of Oklahoma full-time MBA program and pursuing an Energy specialization are selected to attend the Institute of French Petroleum (IFP), Paris. Students immerse themselves in primarily energy-specific courses to further augment their expertise about the industry. Courses are instructed in English and up to 16 credit hours will be transferred back to the OU MBA, although students will take 20 hours at IFP in lieu of courses at OU.

Many students choose to take additional coursework while at IFP to earn a Master of Energy Economics & Management degree, in addition to their OU MBA degree. Students who choose this option will  be awarded their IFP degree after they have completed both IFP and OU MBA coursework.

Additional information on IFP (pdf)

IFP Quick Facts (pdf)


"I recommend the IFP Petroleum Economics & Management program to anyone looking for a comprehensive understanding of the energy market. OU has a legacy of energy excellence and is the only university that offers such a comprehensive MBA/Energy Management program. Living and studying abroad for almost eight months is a challenging commitment, but the cultural insight and international energy experience make it well worth it. The energy market will continue to grow, change, and become more global into the foreseeable future, and an understanding of operations, management, and market forces will be invaluable to anyone working in the energy industry."

- Jack Grauman, OU/IFP Student

First Year- Fall

Students spend the fall of their first year taking OU courses.

Prep/Module 1

Mid August - Mid October

Module 2

Mid October - Mid December

Quantitative Methods and Modeling I   (1 hour)Quantitative Methods and Modeling II   (2 hours)
Managerial Economics (2 hours)Financial Markets and Securities             (2 hours)
Financial Accounting (2 hours)Management Information Systems         (2 hours)
Organizational Behavior (2 hours)Introduction to Energy   (2 hours)
Energy Upstream/Downstream (1 hour)

Energy Accounting and Regulation

(2 hours)

8 Hours10 Hours

First Year- Spring & Summer

OU/IFP students spend the spring and summer of their first year in France, taking English instructed coursework at The Institute of French Petroleum. Past courses have included:

  • Energy Geopolitics               
  • Downstream Management
  • Upstream Management
  • Reservoir Engineering I & II
  • Commodities, Markets and Trading
  • Energy Economics and Development
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Strategic Marketing and Management

Second Year- Fall

Students return to OU in the fall of their second year to complete their MBA coursework.

Module 6
Mid August - Mid October

Module 7
Mid October - Mid December

Business Ethics / Legal (2 hours)


Strategic Management (2 hours)

Negotiation & Leadership (2 hours)


Elective (2 hours)

Elective (2 hours)


Elective (2 hours)

Elective (2 hours)


Elective (2 hours)
8 Hours 8 Hours