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Admission Criteria

For our applicants we examine several different factors as part of determining their fit for our program. Outlined below are our core criteria. The statistics listed are from our incoming Fall 2014 Full-time MBA class.

1. Academic Profile

We assess a candidate’s academic fit with our program by assessing their educational background and academic performance (transcripts, cumulative GPA from last degree earned and GMAT or GRE score).

  • Average GPA is a 3.4
  • Price students have a variety of academic backgrounds including liberal arts, business, engineering, and social sciences. Price has no minimum standardized test score requirements.
  • We consider only your highest GMAT or GRE score(s), so feel free to re-take a test if you believe you can improve your performance.
  • Average GMAT score for the full-time program is a 620.
  • (If Applicable) For International applicants: We require a minimum of a 100 on the TOEFL or 7.0 on the IELTS.

2. Professional Achievement and Aspirations

These are assessed through an applicant’s resume, work experience, and statement of goals.  Our applicants have a wide range of work experience.  Because we value the diversity of our applicants’ backgrounds, no industry is favored over another.

  • While we don't have a minimum, we generally look for atleast of 1 year of work experience.  We traditionally define this as full-time, post-undergraduate work.
  • Average work experience is 2 years.
  • Our Admissions Committee evaluates experience not only in terms of years, but also in regard to depth and breadth of an individual’s involvement, responsibilities, and progression.

3. Personal Characteristics

We look for candidates to reflect some of the personal characteristics our program values including teamwork, initiative, leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.  These can be demonstrated through candidates’ experiences, statement of goals, and interview (by invitation only).