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Memos & Forms on Academic Procedures

Interactive PDF forms (those which you fill out) must be saved to your computer and then opened with Adobe Reader or Writer if you do not have your web browser configured to already open PDFs with Adobe. 

The free version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded using this link.

Faculty Recruiting Procedures
RevisedForm NameLink
 Faculty Recruting WebsiteWebsite
14-15Faculty Recruiting ProceduresPDF
14-15Request for Permission to Recruit FormPDF
14-15Best Practices for Faculty Search CommitteesPDF
14-15College Recommendation for Offer Letter to HirePDF
14-15Financial Planning Schedule to Recruit for an Endowed Faculty PositionPDF
14-15Request for Permission to Hire a Research ProfessorPDF
14-15College Recommendation for Research Professor Offer LetterPDF
14-15Sample: Official Offer Letter from the Provost to Research ProfessorsPDF
Faculty Compliance Issues
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Conflicts of Interest Reporting – Permission for Extra Compensation with the University and Proposed Outside Employment


Online reporting

14-15Nepotism Waiver FormPDF
Faculty Initiatives
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Faculty Dependent Care Travel Grant Program                                
15-16Sabbatical Application MemoPDF
15-16Sabbatical Application FormPDF
12-13Sabbatical Leave ReportDownload-DOC
12-13Sabbatical Report ExamplePDF
Faculty Evaluation
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Call for Tenure and Promotion: Committee Dossier Checklist and Forms
 Reference materials for the online Tenure and Promotion system
 Need an individual form?  Each form can be downloaded using this link.Website
14-15Annual Faculty Evaluation MemoPDF
14-15Evaluation Form & Sample Mini-vitaePDF
14-15MS Word Mini-vitae (Interactive)Download-DOC
14-15Progress Towards TenurePDF
14-15Suggested Template for Progress Towards TenurePDF
14-15Post Tenure Review MemoPDF
12-13Sample Letter: Notification of Pending Post Tenure ReviewPDF
14-15Post Tenure Review Check sheetPDF
12-13Post Tenure Summary of in load teachingDownload-DOC
14-15Reappointment of Ranked Renewable Term FacultyPDF
14-15Reappointment of Renewable Term Faculty with Instructor or Lecturer titlesPDF
 Course EvaluationWebsite
Awards, Honors, Prizes and Opportunities
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Presidential Teaching Fellows in HonorsPDF
15-16Jennifer L. Wise Good Stewardship Award LetterPDF
13-14Jennifer L. Wise Good Stewardship Award Nomination FormDownload-DOC
14-15Faculty Awards & Honors Policies and TimelinesPDF
14-15Ph.D. Dissertation Prizes and GTA AwardsPDF
14-15President's Retired Faculty FundsPDF
13-14President's Retired Faculty Funds Application FormPDF
14-15Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver MemoPDF
 Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver: Bursar Information & Application FormPDF
15-16Provost's Outstanding Academic Advising Award MemoPDF
13-14Provost's Outstanding Academic Advising Award Guidelines and Nomination FormDownload-DOC
13-14Faculty Fellowship Program, Big 12PDF
13-14Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships - Policy & ProceduresPDF
13-14 Form: When Applying for a Prestigious Scholarship or FellowshipPDF
 Form: When Requesting a Leave of Absence without PayPDF
 President's Dream CoursesWebsite
Instructional and Curricular Issues
RevisedForm NameLink
15-16Textbook / Instructional Materials Adoption FormWebsite
2011Policy on Students Called to Active Military DutyPDF
14-15Honoring Our Commitment to Our StudentsPDF
14-15Quality Academic AdvisingPDF
14-15English Language Proficiency of InstructorsPDF
14-15Religious HolidaysPDF
14-15Fall (OU/Texas) HolidayPDF
Academic Program / Course Approval and Deadlines
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Program Modification FAQPDF
14-15Request for Program Modification: InstructionsPDF
12-13Substantive vs. Non-Substantive as defined by the State Regents’ Staff (OSRHE)PDF
12-13State Regents’ Timeline for New Program ApprovalPDF
14-15Embedded Certificate - New Program Request FormPDF
14-15Guidelines for New Program Request formPDF
14-15New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online ProgramsPDF
14-15Cover page for Dual or Joint New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online ProgramsPDF
14-15Existing Program Delivered ElectronicallyPDF
14-15Program DeletionPDF
14-15Program SuspensionPDF
14-15Program Name Change
14-15Program Option AdditionPDF
14-15Program Option DeletionPDF
14-15Option Name ChangePDF
14-15Program Requirement Changes
14-15Other Degree Program ModificationPDF
14-15Administrative/Internal ChangesInstructions
   (1) Addition of Area of Concentration/Track (Level V)PDF
   (2) Deletion of Area of Concentration/Track (Level V)PDF
   (3) Addition of a MinorPDF
   (4) Deletion of a MinorPDF
   (5) Requirement Changes to an accelerated program,
        area of concentration, or minor
   (6) Addition of an Accelerated Dual Degree ProgramPDF
   (7) Deletion of an Accelerated Dual Degree ProgramPDF
   (8) OtherPDF
14-15Substantive Program Changes Process (Flow-chart)PDF
14-15Non-Substantive Program Changes Process (Flow-chart)PDF
14-15Program Approval Tracking
12-13Course Approval TrackingPDF
 Degree Inventory Reporting -- Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Website
14-15Course Approval Process (Flow-chart)PDF
14-15Course Request and Syllabi - Checksheet for submission to APCPDF
14-15Course Request and Syllabi - University Course Request FormPDF
14-15Approval Process for Cancellation of CoursePDF
14-15Approval Process for Course Schedule ChangePDF
14-15Shared Tuition Course Request FormExcel
14-15Academic Service Fee – Call for ProposalsPDF
14-15Academic Service Fees FormPDF
Academic Personnel & Budget Records
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Supplemental vs Overload Base Pay - Faculty & StaffPDF
13-14Helpful Hints / Faculty AppointmentsDOC
13-14Summer 2014 AppointmentsDOC
14-15Minimum faculty and GA salariesPDF
14-15Job Codes, Titles, and Account CodesPDF
13-14Assigning Appropriate Temporary Faculty TitlesPDF
Other Memoranda / Information
RevisedForm NameLink
14-15Agreement to Complete a Course after the End of the Term ("Incomplete" Contract)PDF
13-14Assigning Appropriate Temporary Faculty TitlesPDF
14-15Honorary Degrees Nominations Memo
14-15Honorary Degrees Nominations FormPDF
14-15Travel Pre-Authorization Request FormPDF
14-15Student International Travel Policies & ProceduresWebsite
14-15NEW 14-15 Permission for Extra Compensation with the University and Proposed Outside Employment for Full-Time Employees
14-15Practicum/Internship Memorandum of UnderstandingPDF
14-15Intra-Departmental Practicum / Internship/ Rotation Letter of AgreementPDF
14-15Seasonal/Holiday Events - Expense GuidelinesPDF
14-15Presidential International Travel FellowshipsPDF
12-13Request for Approval to Obtain Advanced Funds from OU FoundationWebsite
11-12Procurement Services WebsiteWebsite
13-142014 Summer Session Schedule and Funding
13-14Provost administrative units food and beverage expense certification formDownload XLS