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Provost’s Advisory Committee for Classrooms

Spring 2014 meeting dates

Tuesday, February 4 – 3:30 p.m. – Oklahoma Memorial Union, Alma Wilson Room

Tuesday, March 4 – 3:30 p.m. – Oklahoma Memorial Union, Alma Wilson Room

Tuesday, April 1 – 3:30 p.m. – Oklahoma Memorial Union, Alma Wilson Room

Tuesday, May 6 – 3:30 p.m. – Oklahoma Memorial Union, Alma Wilson Room


The Provost’s Advisory Committee for Classrooms, formed in response to a recommendation from the Classroom Renovation Task Force (2003-2004), is charged to:

1. Review all aspects of the Norman Campus classrooms and provide prioritized recommendations for improvement.
2. Create a student fee to fund classroom renovation and construction.
3. Make classrooms a targeted category for private funding.
4. Adopt and implement basic minimum standards for classroom configuration and begin an aggressive
    program to bring existing classrooms up to these standards.
5. Construct new classrooms and renovate existing classrooms.
6. Develop and implement a basic standard for instructional technology in all centrally scheduled classrooms.
7. Develop a system for assisting faculty with the use of instructional technology.
8. Establish a regular program of classroom cleaning, inspection and maintenance.
9. Enlist students in helping to maintain classrooms.
10. Establish a standing Classroom Committee.
11. Improve Classroom Scheduling.


Ex Officio and voting:    
  Mark Morvant Interim Chair, Executive Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
  Breck Turkington Director of Registration
  Chelle' Guttery Director of Disability Resources Center
  Michele Eodice Executive Director, Learning, Teaching and Writing
  Mechelle Gibson Assistant to the Provost
  Robert Kelly Assistant to the Provost for Technology Initiatives
Rotating membership and voting:  
Five faculty with 3-year rotating terms (should represent three different colleges) appointed by the Provost.
2013-2016 Friederike Jentoft School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering in the College of Engineering
2013-2016 Ben Holt Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences  
2012-2015 Hans-Peter Wachter
Division of Interior Design, College of Architecture 
2012-2015 Vahap Uysal Division of Finance, Price College of Business
2011-2014 Ryan Bisel
Dept. of Communication
  Dan Kissinger &
Stan Berry
Facilities Maintenance Representative appointed by the Provost in consultation with VP for Administrative Affairs.
  Jiening Ruan Representative from ITC appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Chair of the ITC.
  JEB Sheriff
Representative from IT appointed by the Provost in consultation with the CIO.
1 Undergraduate student appointed by Chair of UOSA:
1 Graduate student appointed by Chair of Graduate Student Senate