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The Provost Advisory Committee for Classrooms is charged with providing input on the OU-NC centrally scheduled classrooms to the Senior Vice President & Provost.  The Provost’s Advisory Committee for Classrooms, formed in response to a recommendation from the Classroom Renovation Task Force (2003-2004), is charged reviewing all aspects of the OU-NC classrooms, prioritized recommendations for improvements, and basic standards for classroom configuration and technology.  The committee will address concerns about centrally scheduled classrooms and requests for renovations and technology updates.  In addition, the committee will evaluate innovations in learning space design and instructional technology and provide advise on the implementation to enhance the student classroom expereince.  The Provost Advisory Committee for Classrooms is appointed by the Norman campus Senior Vice President and Provost and is composed of faculty and staff from the Norman campus who are involved in teaching in, scheduling, and renovation of the OU-NC centrally scheduled classroom.

Committee Structure

The Provost Advisory Committee for Classrooms is comprised of the main PACCr committee and a production sub-committee.

The main committee’s mission is to provide input on the standards, priorities, and reviewing requests related to centrally scheduled classrooms.  The committee includes nine faculty members in three-year rotating terms selected by the Provost based on a rotation cycle to provide input from a broad range of disciplines across the NC-campus.  The committee also includes representatives from the Provost’s Office, Classroom Management, Disability Resource Center, Information Technology, and Facilities Management.  The committee usually meets four times a year as needed.

The production sub-committee’s mission is to develop a timeline for implementation of classroom renovation and upgrades with the stakeholders on campus including the Provost’s Office, Registrar, Facilities Management, and Informational Technology.  Due to the nature of construction and scheduling, the committee may need to suggest minor modifications in renovation priorities to PACCr Committee.  The committee usually meet four times a year and as needed including written or virtual meetings.

2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

PACCr Meetings

October 6, 2014




PACCr Production Committee Meetings





PACCr Membership

Ex Officio and voting:


Mark Morvant

Chair, Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology


Kelly Stout

Office of Classroom Management


Chelle' Guttery

Director of Disability Resources Center


Rotating Faculty membership and voting: Nine faculty with 3-year rotating terms appointed by the Provost


Amy Bradshaw

Department of Educational Psychology, Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education


Kathleen Crowther

Department of History Science, College of Arts and Sciences


Deborah Trytten

School of Computer Science, College of Engineering


Joel Burcham

School of Music, Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts


Krishnan Shankar

Department of Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences


Friederike Jentoft

School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering, College of Engineering


Hans-Peter Wachter

Division of Interior Design, College of Architecture 


Craig J. Russell

Division of Management & Entrepreneurship, Price College of Business


Doug Gaffin

Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Additional membership and voting:




Stan Berry

Facilities Maintenance Representative appointed by the Provost in consultation with VP for Administrative Affairs.


Jiening Ruan

Representative from ITC appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Chair of the ITC.


JEB Sheriff

Representative from IT appointed by the Provost in consultation with the CIO.



Undergraduate student appointed by Chair of SGA



Graduate student appointed by Chair of Graduate Student Senate


PACCr Production Committee

Mark Morvant


Mechelle Gibson

Director of Operations, Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

Breck Turkington

Associate Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services and Academic Records

Tony Gardner

Manager, Engineering and Design Services, Facilities Management

Chris Kobza

Learning Spaces Manager, Information Technology

Units may invite additional members to meetings depending on the projects to be discussed and the units internal organizational process.