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Kunal Naik and Alex Byron have big plans on how to improve the University of Oklahoma. Since 1969, student government at OU has allowed students to organize and make a difference in their education. Whenever students come together with a common purpose, big things happen. Learn more about their initiatives for the upcoming year.

Matt and Sarah


Getting a ride home can be hard.

The University has done a fantastic job providing students with the Saferide program which provides students with free rides on weekends in order to keep students safe. We believe that the program could be even better and more effective at saving students time and money while increasing student safety.

We want to virtualize the SafeRide program. Modeled after the extremely successful models of Uber and Lyft, SafeRide could offer virtual vouchers that are emailed out to students before each weekend. Additionally we want to add another voucher station in the dorms to increase accessibility to paper vouchers.

You might forget to go to the Union and get vouchers, you might forget your vouchers at home, but if you have your cellphone and student ID card then you can get a ride home.

The Huston Huffman Center is an essential part of student life.

From freshman to upperclassmen, many OU students and staff find their way to this facility everyday and benefit from The Huff.

By working with OU administration and using a combination of private and public funds, we can create a better fitness and recreational center for all OU students. Expanding our current infrastructure and adding more to the Huff, including increasing the size of the weight rooms, locker rooms, and track would create a better experience for all members of our campus.

As members of the OU community, we pride ourselves on having only the best for our campus. Let’s push the Huff to that standard.  

The students have spoken. It’s time to make on-campus learning accessible all the time.

There’s not much more frustrating than being ready to study and not always have resources available. From the perfect study spots to the pages of information, Bizzell Library is a fantastic resource for OU students.

Staying up all night studying, needing a book at the last minute, or just wanting to get an early start on Sunday work, it can often times be frustrating when one of our best resources isn’t consistently available. Recently, the OU Daily put out a survey which showed extreme student interest in a 24/7 section of the library and Student Congress is also measuring interest with a survey that will be on the election ballots

We will work with OU administration to expand library hours to 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Each student is here to get an education. It’s time for our resources to be available when we need them.

Our neighbors in Austin and Stillwater just passed a resolution allowing similar hours. Need we say more?

We want to hear what students have to say. Let’s make that process easier.

Love them or hate them, open social media forums have become a really efficient way for people to connect in large communities. Sites like YikYak, Reddit, and Twitter have become outlets for students to get their protests across. We realized OU is a big community with a lot of great ideas-- So, What if we took the same idea of an open forum and used it to help out OU students?

We want to work with OU Information Technology to create a platform called EngageOU, a website where students can post suggestions and complaints using their 4x4 ID. We want to plug the top posts into Desire2Learn and Ozone so that students can be actively engaged and agree or disagree with what people are saying through a system of upvotes and downvotes.

We've learned that the OU Experience is different for everyone so we want to hear how to make that experience better for each person and also provide a space for administrators and SGA representatives to connect with each person on campus help these great ideas move forward.

Let’s make it easy for students to get involved at OU

Every year, someone brings up the issue that there is no centralized campus calendar. The only problem? There is one, brought to us by the hard work at OU IT.

It’s time for us to use the existing campus calendar and be able to promote events to students using this calendar. By creating incentives for campus calendar use among Student Organizations, we can ensure that OU students know when campus events are happening.

Let's make it easier for OU students to support each other and make sure every student is aware of the great opportunities we continuously have happening on our campus.

Making stronger communities beyond campus

The farther you get off campus, the more you can see that the university’s relationship with the city of Norman could be greatly improved. Let’s be honest: Students often times do not make the best neighbors. But let’s work to show just how far the Sooner Family goes and try to work with other fellow Norman residents.

We want to start the Good Neighbor Initiative with ideas for OU students on how to connect with the other residents of their neighborhoods and create a stronger community with other citizens of Norman and rewards for students who come up with great ideas and examples. In doing so, we could open a dialogue with the city of Norman on how to work together to create a better Norman for residents and the campus alike.

It starts with us.

OU's biggest strength is our diversity.

Campus Involvement is for everyone. And it’s time a candid dialogue is opened about what campus involvement currently means for every student at our University.

The key here is communication.

We’d like to do a better job of reaching out to underrepresented demographics and communities here at OU to make sure they are aware of the vast amount of opportunities our campus offers. In addition to this, we want to increase the feedback we have from these community groups to ensure the OU experience is top-notch for everyone during their time here.