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General Counsel

The Student Government Association's Office of General Counsel has many duties to best serve the students of the University of Oklahoma including: representing students who are charged with academic misconduct or student code violations, as well as students who wish to appeal a grade; reviewing student organization constitutions; and ensuring that the SGA constitution and enactments of the Legislative Branch are followed.

General Counsel

Resources for Students and Student Organizations

The Office of General Counsel is happy to provide several resources for both students and student organizations: 

  • Academic Misconduct and Student Code Violation Charges: once a student has been contacted by the Office of Academic Integrity Programs regarding a charge of academic misconduct or student handbook violation, the student has within ten regular class days to contact the Office of Academic Integrity Programs to schedule a conference to discuss the matter. The Office of General Counsel can advise the student on what to expect and how to proceed at the meeting. If a student becomes involved in a campus hearing regarding the academic misconduct or student handbook violation charge, the General Counsel’s Office can represent the student in the hearing and work with the student before the hearing to determine the best way to defend against the charges.
  • Grade Appeals: the Office of General Counsel can advise students on the grade appeal process, including the required initial meeting with the instructor who gave the disputed grade. After a student has informed his/her instructor of the disputed nature of the grade (no later than February 15 for the previous fall and winter sessions and September 15 for previous spring or summer sessions) and attempts with the instructor to resolve the grade dispute have failed, the Office of General Counsel can help the student file a written request for a hearing with the Academic Appeals Board. If granted, General Counsel can represent students in hearings before the Academic Appeals Board and provide strategic advice.

You can reach out directly to the Office of General Counsel by emailing or calling (405) 325-5474. Additionally, our office is located on the first floor of the Conoco Student Leadership Center and our members host office hours each day of the week. Please keep in mind that hearings, meetings, and other obligations may prevent us from maintaining our scheduled office hours, so we highly encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment.