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Asian American Student Life

Historical Facts


  • AASA was recognized in 1985.
  • In 2006, Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MGC) was established.
    Sororities: alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Delta Phi Omega, Phi Delta Alpha
    Fraternities: Beta Chi Theta, Delta Epsilon Psi, Sigma Lambda Beta, Tau Kappa Omega
  • The first annual Asian-American Awards Banquet was on April 24, 1988.
  • The first Annual Asian-OU Pageant was in May 1995 (Mr. Asian OU : Daniel Lee and Miss Asian-OU: Nga Ly)
  • The first annual Asian-American Graduation Celebration was April 1996.
  • The first Annual Christmas for Headstart Children was December 1990.
  • Son H Phu, a Ph.D. graduate student in Economic was a founder and 1st president of AASA.
  • Asian-American Student Services was fully established in 1988 with a mission to enhance social and cultural support, recruitment, and retention of Asian-American students.
  • The number of Asian-American enrollment in 1985 was approx. 485 ; in Fall 2002 the number was 1160.
  • The oldest Asian-American student, Sam Sharma, graduated at age 85 with a Ph.D. degree in Adult and Community Education.
  • The youngest Asian-American student, Marvin Lee, 13-year-old freshman in Chemistry in 1989,graduated at OU at the age of 17 with a BS degree.
  • The first Asian-American elected as President of UOSA was Rakesh Patel, 2000. Rakesh also was a president of OUIS in previous year.
  • In 2002, new Asian and South Asian Greeks Interests Group were founded:
    Sorority: Phi Delta Alpha & Delta Phi Omega
    Fraternity: Tau Kappa Omega, Delta Epsilon Psi, and Beta Chi Theta
  •  First Everett Drumright's Awards were given out in Spring 2003.
  • In 2005, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded.
  • In 2005, Asian American Student Service was renamed Asian American Student Life.
  • In 2007, Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded.
  • AASA General Election is held annually in April.

Faculty/Staff Advisors were:

Dean Raymond Yeh, Dean of OU Achitecture College
Dr. Man K. Ho, Professor of Social Work
Dr. Yoshi Sasaki, Director of Meteorlogy Department
Dr. Sam Lee, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Dr. Ming Gui, Assoc Professor, Modern Language Department
Vi Wickham, Assistant Director, Student Life
Tony Lee, Assistant Director, Student Life


Presidents of Asian-American Student Association were:

Oliver Li (2012-2013)


Jeff Abott (2011-2012)
Zoology Major
Spanish and Chemistry Minor


Kristina Thai (2010-2011)
Health and Exercise Science Major


Mimi Nguyen (2009-2010)
Management Information Systems Major
Interdisciplinary Perspectives-Environment Minor


Jamie M. Nguyen (2008-2009)
Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior, Outstanding Leadership Awards
Multidisciplinary Studies Major
Psychology Minor


Michael Khounsavath (2007-2008)
Management Information Systems Major


Chee Yang (Spring 07)
Psychology Major


Kyley Makanani (Fall 06)
Zoology-Biomedical Science Major


Angela B.D. Tran (05-06)
Public Relations Major


Christine Yeo (04-05)
Health and Sports Science Major


Paul Nguyen (03-04)
Mr. Asian OU (02-03)/ Tau Kappa Omega/
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Quincie Phan (02-03)
Outstanding Freshman Award in Zoo/Biomedical science/ UAC scholar/
Sylvia Lewis Recipient /Retention-Intern


Elizabeth Tran (01-02)
Outstanding Asian-American Leadership Award / UAC Scholar/
BBA in Management Information Systems


Chris Le (00-01)
Mr. Asian OU / UAC Scholar/Advantage Scholar/Bachelor of Architecture


Adrian Buendia (99-00)
Mr Asian OU / Bachelor of Arts in Communications May 2000/Juris Doctor


Daniel Leung ( 98-99)
Big Man on Campus/OU Homecoming Royal Court Finalist/Bachelor of Science in Microbiology May 1999/ Medical School in San Antonio


Long Southarath (97-98)
Outstanding Asian-American Leadership Award/ B.B.A. in Int'l Business May 1999


Daniel Lee (96-97)
Mr Asian-OU '95; Outstanding Asian-American Leadership Award/
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology May 1998

Yamini Patel (95-96)
Miss Asian OU/Outstanding Leadership /Miss Asian OU/ Bachelor of Science in Microbiology May 1997/ Medical School in Dallas,Texas


Anthony Lee (94-95)
Outstanding Leadership / Bachelor of Science in Micro/Psychology May 1996/
M.S. Public Health 1999


Rowena Vivero (93-94)
Outstanding Leadership Award/ Bachelor of Accounting May 1996


Janice Szeto (92-93)
Outstanding Leadership/Bachelor of Accounting May 1994


Truong Le (91-92)
Bachelor of Architecture / moved to Houston 1991


Sahil Bakshi (91-92)
Rentetion Intern/ UAC Scholar/ Bachelor of Science May 1994


Charles Chavalitanonda (90-91)
Retention Intern/UAC scholar/Outstanding Leadership Award/
Bachelor of Science in Electical Engineering May 1995


Joseph Yang (90-91)
Master of Science/ moved to Seatle 1991


Thuy Ashley Pham (Summer '89)
BBA in Finance May 1991


Jerry Montgomery (89-90)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering May 1993


Vinh Tran (88-89)
BBA in Finance May 1992


Son H. Phu (86-88)
AASA Founder, Ph D in Economics