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Adopt-A-Prof Program

What is it?

The Adopt-a-Prof program was launched in 1999 by President Boren in an effort to increase student and faculty interaction outside of the classroom.

Each participating faculty member is matched with a student group and asked to connect/participate with members of that group. The relationships and activities vary from match to match, however, most faculty are invited to a formal meal at a fraternity/sorority chapter or to join the residence hall students for a meal.

Additionally, the faculty may be asked to guest speak or join a group activity that is already planned by the group. Some "matches" may coordinate an activity such as bringing late night study snacks, going bowling, etc. The possibilities are endless and there's a great deal of room to be creative with this program. Some groups will host family friendly activities as well. It's really up to "the matches" to make the program come to life.


As an "adopted" faculty member, you will be paired with a student organization (a residence hall group, fraternity/sorority, or multi-cultural Greek organization) and be expected to participate in at least two activities with that group. The number and nature of the activities may vary by group, but all provide opportunities for building great relationships.

Once you are matched with an organization, members of their group will drop by your office during designated office hours to deliver an Adopt-a-Prof kit of goodies, their group contact information and additional program materials.

Faculty Registration for Adopt-a-Prof

$100 per semester is allotted for your use and may be used for food, event expenses, or other programming needs. We'll help provide some programming ideas, but also hope that you will be a part of what the student group already has planned this year!

Student Groups

As a participating student group, you will get to know your assigned faculty member via inviting them to have dinner with your group, inviting them to participate in a group activity or event, and possibly working together to plan an activity or special event where they speak to your group or as a group, some of your members may participate in an planned activty such as bowling, etc. ... be creative and have fun with the program!

Although your Adopt-a-Prof faculty member will be serving in a volunteer capacity and will not receive additional salary, he or she will be allotted $100 per semester to use toward food, event expenses, or other programming needs in your hall or Greek chapter.

Your group will identify a contact person that will be responsible for reaching out to the faculty member and communicating with the program coordinator.

All housing units and sororities/fraternities are expected to participate in the Adopt-a-Prof program.

Student Group Registration for Adopt-a-Prof


Registration for the 2012-2013 year is closed.


If you have any questions about the Adopt-A-Prof Program, please email