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Fraternity & Sorority Student Life


More than 5,000 current students have chosen to take advantage of the many benefits of fraternity and sorority life here at the University of Oklahoma. These benefits include academic assistance, leadership development, close friendships and community involvement. Each of our 58 active chapters is a member of one of our five Greek councils and each offers unique opportunities for personal growth and meaningful experiences to 25% of the University of Oklahoma student population. 


Our Community

Visit the links below to find more information about our councils, our community, and the programs we offer to students and faculty at the University of Oklahoma. Recent updates for current FSSL members can be found under the FSSL Programs link. 

FSSL programs

Fraternity & Sorority Sponsors

Fraternity & Sorority Student Life thanks our generous sponsors! These local businesses and campus programs help give our students a meaningful experience while in our Fraternity & Sorority community. 

View our 2016 FSSL Sponsors here

Minimum Expectations Convenant

Each of our councils is governed by their own constitutions and bylaws, however the University of Oklahoma Fraternity and Sorority Student Life Minimum Expectations Covenant binds each council together. This covenant outlines the agreement that each council and their member groups have with the university and their members. It promotes academic excellence, positive decision making, and disciplinary actions that could result as a consequence of poor behavior as an organization. The covenant allows for a positive and uplifting environment for each of our Greek affiliated students at the University of Oklahoma. 

Contact Fraternity & Sorority Student Life

The Fraternity & Sorority Student Life team is dedicated to serving students every day. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the individuals listed below: 

Lindsay EcholsAssociate Director of Student Life
Jill TranFraternity & Sorority Coordinator & IGC
Lauren WhitemanNPHC
Taylor PhomivongMGC
Haley StilesIFC Graduate
Miles KellyMGC & NPHC Graduate
Kylie FrisbyPanhellenic Graduate Assistant

Fraternity & Sorority Student Life at the University of Oklahoma

Fraternity & Sorority Student Life at the University of Oklahoma is a vibrant community filled with students, philanthropists, mentors, and engaged citizens. Below are a few fast facts about our community. 
  • The all Greek GPA is 3.2, compared to an all campus GPA of 3.0
  • In 2015, there were 92 programs and sessions conducted by FSSL for our members
  • Greek members perform more than 8,500 individual community service hours and 20,000 group community service hours annually
  • Greek students consistently win nationally competitive scholarships and awards like the Truman Scholarship and the Gates Millennium Scholarship.
  • Many fraternities and sororities “adopt” international students as honorary members to give them a glimpse of Greek life at OU
  • In 2015, 6 of the Big Men on Campus and 7 of the Big Women on campus were Greek; 5 of the Outstanding Freshmen, 6 of the Outstanding Sophomores, 9 of the Outstanding Juniors, and the Outstanding Senior Woman were Greek
  • In 2015, 10 of the 13 female Letzeiser Honor List Recipients and 6 of the 13 male Letzeiser Honor List Recipients were Greek.
  • Fraternity and sorority members receive more than 5,500 honors and awards annually and hold over 1,500 executive officer positions on campus
To get a glimpse of what your Fraternity & Sorority experience could look like, check out the 2016 Fraternity & Sorority Experience Guide or the video below.