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The mission of Student Life is to guide students in realizing academic, professional and personal goals as they progress toward graduation and beyond.

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The Sooner Upward Bound (SUB) Program is designed to prepare fifty eligible students from five inner-city targeted high schools for college entry and success. The schools are listed below. The program’s rigorous academic and counseling components are designed to provide students with three years of continuous preparation for college beginning in the spring of their ninth grade academic year.

The SUB Academic Component is comprised of both an academic year curriculum and a six-week summer Sooner Academic Institute (SAI) held on the University of Oklahoma campus. The academic year curriculum consists of bi-monthly meetings, monthly assignments and on-going academic advising. The six-week summer SAI consists of three consecutive summers (beginning after the ninth grade) where completion of a rigorous academic curriculum will be required of each student. The overall Academic Component is designed to develop college-requisite competency in mathematics, reading, writing, sciences, and academic/study skills.

The SUB Counseling Component connects to all other activities and services provided by the program. The counseling component consists of four interrelated sets of activities; career awareness and planning, college adjustment and financial aid training, personal advising and mentoring, and academic advising and motivation. The component is aimed at equipping students for college by teaching effective strategies for coping with stress in higher education. This direction on survival and success is continuous throughout both the academic year component and the SAI.



Sooner Upward Bound
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