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Below you will find information on tutoring services provided by the University of Oklahoma. If you are looking for a subject not listed here, please contact your professor for recommendations and/or visit your professor during office hours for additional assistance with course material. Academic services at the University of Oklahoma are continually growing. Return to this site periodically for updates.

General Resources and Seminars

Action Tutoring and Action Centers

Wagner Hall, Room 245 | (405) 325-7621

Action Tutoring and Action Centers offer dynamic, group tutoring in 80+ subjects. These are available as drop-in, by-appointment, and online sessions. See program details and schedules here.

Housing Learning Center

Adams Center, Muldrow Tower 105 | (405) 325-2452

The Housing Learning Center offers Action Tutoring, Action Centers, and Writing Center consultations. The HLC schedule is available here. The HLC is available as a study location Sunday-Thursday 3 to 10 p.m.

Prentice Gautt Academic Center

Student-athlete tutoring is available with the Prentice Gautt Academic Center. Find more information about the center here.

Project Threshold

Wagner Hall, Room 215 | (405) 325-6261

Project Threshold provides personal, academic and financial aid counseling and tutorial assistance for students from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Learn more about the program here.

Study Skills Seminars

The Student Learning Center offers the Student Success Series including workshops, one-on-one study consultations, by-request speakers, and a self-service website. Learn more about the SSS.

University Libraries

One-on-one research assistance is available upon request. Visit the OU Library website for more information. Call (405) 325-4142 for online or print resources.

University College Mentoring

The University College Mentoring program allows students to enroll in a 0-credit ($0 cost) course to directly interact with faculty.

Writing and Language Support

OU Writing Center

Wagner Hall Room 280 |  (405) 325-2936

At the OU Writing Center you can work with our writing consultants on any kind of writing at any point in the process.  We're available for you in several locations on campus, as well as online.  You can also join a writing group or use our web-based resources anytime from anywhere.

OU Tulsa Writing Center

Schusterman Library Room 119

Writing assistance for OU Tulsa students is available at Writing Services:


OU HSC Writing Center

David L. Boren Student Union Room 214 |  (405) 271-2416.

The OU HSC Writing Center provides support for all writers, including those writing in health fields.


Honors College Writing Center

Carnegie 309 |  (405) 325-0711

The Honors College Writing Center provides assistance for students enrolled in HON 2973, the "Perspectives on the American Experience" class.


Journalism Language Skills Test

Prepare for the Journalism Language Skills Test (LST). An online tutorial is available here.


Language Learning Center

Kaufman Hall Room 228  |  (405) 325-1352

The Language Learning Center offers computer assistance for enhancing modern language skills and also hosts several Action Tutoring and Centers in several languages.


Math, Science and Engineering Support

Chemistry Help Lab

Physical Sciences Rm 303 | (405) 325-4811

Tutoring: Chemistry 1315 & 1415
Hours: Mon. - Thur. 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

College of Engineering Tutoring

The Williams Student Services Center offers engineering tutoring for multiple subjects.

Mathematics Help Center

PHSC 425A | (405) 325-6711

The Mathematics Help Center is located at PHSC 209, in Physical Sciences Center. They assist with Math for Critical Thinking (Math 1473), Pre-Calculus courses (1503, 1523, 1643), Business Calculus (1743, 2123) and Calculus I, II, and III (1823-2934).

Physics and Astronomy Tutoring

Physics Office, Neilson Hall, Room 100

Tutoring: Astr 1504-1514, Phys 1114, Phys 1205-1215, Phys 2414-2424, and Phys 2514-2524. Current tutor availablility at

OU Tulsa Statistics Lab

Office of Student Affairs, Schusterman Campus, Room 1C53

One-on-one or group consultation on statistics basics, applying formulas, utilizing SPSS, and mastering stats.

Zoology Aide Program (ZAP)

Richards Hall 207

The Zoology Aide Program (ZAP) provides tutoring for Introductory Zoology (Biol 1114) during the day, Mondays-Fridays.

Additional Resources