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As a distinguished part of the University of Oklahoma's campus, you are invited to attend the Women's Outreach Center's inaugural "Sooner Mosaic: Social Justice Symposium", which is a symposium that aims to celebrate Sooner tradition and diversity. The Symposium will be taking place on Saturday, March 1, 2014, and is an opportunity for our campus community to learn about and discuss issues of importance. With its focus on social justice, the Symposium will challenge the origins of oppression and inequality, empower all people to exercise their own voices, and encourage participants to realize their full potential. It will build social solidarity and foster the ability and will for collective action.


The symposium is not only student-planned and organized, but it also encourages undergraduate and graduate students alike to address and question the vast spectrum that is social justice through presentations, research, and discussion forums. The Symposium is a powerful resource because it will allow individuals from all disciplines to come together for one day to learn and grow from the knowledge and experiences of fellow students. With issues such as, but not limited to, human rights, gender disparities, political and cultural oppression, racial discrimination, classism, sexuality, education, economic inequality, ethnicity, religion, and environmentalism, students on our campus will have a platform and an opportunity to share their passions with their peers, colleagues, and mentors. As we explore the many identities of social justice, we aim to grow collectively stronger to form a perfectly imperfect work of art: a mosaic.