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The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

Community Health Clinics

Blanketing a Community in Need

Easy-to-reach locations where people live and work


West Side Clinic

Sand Springs Early Childhood Center
1701 E. Park Road
(serving adults and children)


East Side Clinics


Rosa Park Elementary
13702 E. 46th Place South
(serving Union Public Schools eligible patients)


Roy Clark Elementary
3365 S. 103rd E. Avenue
(serving Union Public Schools eligible patients)



Night Clinic

Triage Acute Clinic

Please plan to arrive at 5 p.m.

for triage

Information Line


Providing preventative care to the uninsured

Bedlam Clinics

Free Evening Clinic
1111 S. St. Louis Avenue
(uninsured adults only)

Longitudinal Clinic
1111 S. St. Louis Avenue
(by referral only)

Our Clinics Serve:


Medically underserved areas and populations with

  • Low primary care physician-to-population ratio
  • High infant mortality rate
  • High percent of population living below Federal Poverty Level


Health provider shortage areas

  • Shortage of primary medical service providers
  • Shortage of primary care dentists
  • Shortage of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and clinical social workers