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HOW TO: Access Centricity EMR (Logician) from Home



  1. Cable, DSL or other high bandwidth internet connection.
  2. Your PC is running, Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista. If it’s not, your PC should not be attached to the OU network. If you don’t know what version of windows you have, right-click on My Computer, select Properties and it will tell you what version you have.
  3. Your PC is running an up to date virus protection program such as McAfee VirusScan 7 or higher and it is set to update daily and scan weekly.  If not, please visit to download and install McAfee v8.5i as required.
  4. Your PC is up to date with all current Windows Critical Updates.  If not, go to and download and install all Critical Updates.
  5. Be sure to allow popups for these sites if prompted.



Installing and Connecting to Centricity EMR:


  1. Run Internet Explorer and go to the following website:
  2. Login with your Windows username and password.

    citrix logon


  4. Accept the license agreement.

    citrix download


  6. Click Download (Download progress bar appears).
  7. Click Run.



  9. You will see the security warning, click Run.



  11. Once installation is complete you should see a panel of EMR applications.

    EMR Apps


  13. Now that you have the client installed, all you have to do is logon through the page in your favorites to connect next time!


If you need assistance please call (918) 660-3550.