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The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

Harassing Phone Calls

Telephone harassment is both a nuisance and a crime. If you are a
victim of telephone harassment, follow the steps outlined below:

1. As soon as you realize the nature of the call, look on the
caller ID if available. Write down the phone number indicated on the
caller ID. HANG UP. Remain calm and replace the receiver on the
telephone as you would for any call.

2. Do not talk or try to discover the caller's identity.

3. If calling persists, or if any call is obscene or threatening, call the
Tulsa Police Department. If off campus, call the agency within the
jurisdiction you live in and report the activity.

4. If calling persists, keep a time log of calls received, what was said
by all parties, and a description of the voice.

5. Notify Campus Security at 660-3333 or the Tulsa Police Dept.