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The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

Parking Information

Students should complete a parking registration form in Student Affairs, room 1C53

The University of Oklahoma Tulsa Campus Parking Guidelines


1. Please do not back into parking slots. The potential to damage other vehicles and/or injure pedestrians is greater. Also, the rear of your vehicle can extend into another parking slot or across the sidewalk behind you. Backing into a slot also requires you to drive in the wrong direction against traffic flow when leaving. 


2. If you drive a large vehicle (pickup, camper, van, SUV, etc.), please do not park at the end of a row of parking slots. Your vehicle obstructs the vision of other drivers and can contribute to “fender benders.”


3. If you are an employee, resident, or student at any OU-Tulsa location, you are NOT a visitor. All slots at the north (main) entrance at the Schusterman Center as well as selected slots in the east lot (adjacent to the fitness center, Human Resources, Library and Student Services) are marked for visitors. To help with parking at the main (North) entrance at the Schusterman Center, we are establishing four (4) short-term, one hour parking slots for use by anyone regardless of status. Additionally, we are opening all visitors’ slots near the north (main) entrance to everyone beginning at 2:00 PM daily on workdays. We will suspend this practice on those days when we are notified in advance that afternoon events require us to maintain these slots for outside visitors.


4. Please do not park in the designated handicapped parking slots unless you display an appropriate authorization.


5. Please do not park across striped lines or take more than one parking slot. We understand your desire to avoid damage to your vehicle but we need available slots to accommodate others.


6. If you are faculty, staff, resident or student at any OU-Tulsa location, we encourage you to register your vehicle(s) with the Department of Operations and affix the red/white OU sticker to the rear window or bumper. This will help us find you if you leave your lights on, if we see any problems with your vehicle, if we need to have you move your vehicle, or if you ask for assistance from us.


7. Please do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in fire lanes, loading zones, driveways, access roads, or along the shoulder of access roads. Do not pull off the pavement and onto the grass. Please follow the directional arrows for each parking row.


8. For your own safety and that of others, please obey all posted speed limits and stop signs.


9. With the exception of visitor, state vehicle and handicapped spaces, there are no reserved parking spaces at any OU-Tulsa location. All parking is on a “first-come, first-served basis.