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The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

OU-Tulsa Student Affairs Staff

OU-Tulsa Student Affairs Staff

From left to right: Sandy Ashford, Cortney Dennis, Lauren McKinney,

Josh Davis, Jenny Smart, Abigail Winburn, and Mary Parker

Joshua M. Davis, M.Ed.


Josh Davis, Director, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

Josh has been working at OU-Tulsa since November 2009, when he became the Assistant Director of OU-Tulsa Student Affairs.  In November 2011 he became the Director of OU-Tulsa Student Affairs.  Prior to moving to the OU-Tulsa he worked in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs on the OU-Norman campus. 

As Director, Josh is responsible for the overall operation of OU-Tulsa Student Affairs, including student conduct, disability resource center services, and oversight of all other programs, events, and services provided by OU-Tulsa Student Affairs.  Josh chairs the Tulsa campus Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) and is an Associate Title IX Coordinator, facilitating Title IX compliance at OU-Tulsa for the Institutional Equity Office.

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Lauren McKinney

Programming Coordinator

Lauren McKinney, Programming Coordinator, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

Lauren has been working with Student Affairs at OU-Tulsa since January 2014, and worked for the College of Arts & Sciences at OU-Tulsa for three years prior to joining the Student Affairs team.  In her role as Programming Coordinator, Lauren will directly administer our career services programming and support, work heavily with our registered student organizations, coordinate volunteerism initiatives on campus, and coordinate a variety of campus-wide programming efforts for our OU-Tulsa students.

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(918) 660-3108

Abigail Winburn, APRN-CNP

Nurse Practitioner & Student Health Coordinator

Abigail Winburn, Nurse Practitioner & Student Health Coordinator, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

Abigail has been with Student Affairs since Spring 2010.  She is a licensed Nurse Practitioner and oversees all the functions of our Student Health clinic at OU-Tulsa.  The student health office is located in the 3rd floor of the Schusterman Clinic building on the OU-Tulsa campus.  To schedule an appointment please call Student Health at (918-) 619-4565.

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(918) 619-4565

Mary Parker, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist

Mary Parker, Ph.D., Counseling Psychologist, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

Mary has been with OU-Tulsa since September 2010.  Mary is a licensed Counseling Psychologist in the state of Oklahoma, and coordinates counseling services on the OU-Tulsa campus.  She is available for one-on-one, couples or group counseling sessions - of which all are free to OU-Tulsa students and residents.  Please contact her for more information on available services.

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(918) 660-3109

Sandy Ashford

Staff Assistant & DRC Coordinator

Sandy Ashford, Staff Assistant & DRC Coordinator, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

Sandy has been with OU-Tulsa Student Affairs since August 2009.  Sandy received her Masters in Human Relations from the OU-Tulsa.  Sandy assists in the day-to-day operations of the office and coordinates disability services for the OU-Tulsa campus under the guidance of the Disability Resource Center on the OU-Norman campus.  For accommodations on the basis of disability or any other related questions, please contact Sandy.

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(918) 660-3100

Jenny Smart

Student Health Medical Assistant

Jenny Smart, Student Health Medical Assistant, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

Jenny has been with OU-Tulsa Student Affairs since October 2010.  Jenny coordinates the general operations of our Student Health clinic and assists in patient care when students visit our clinic.  Student Health is located on the 3rd floor of the Schusterman Clinic building on the OU-Tulsa campus.  To schedule an appointment please contact Jenny at (918) 619-4565.

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(918) 619-4565