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The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa

OU-Tulsa Student Handbook

Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination & Harassment Policy

General Policies for OU-Tulsa Students

Academic Integrity Code


Disabilities Policies

        Disability - General Statement

        Reasonable Accommodation Policy Statement

        Reduced Course Load/Full-Time Enrollment Status for Students with Disabilities


Equal Opportunity Policy


Hazing - Oklahoma Statute


Make-Up Examinations (other than final) Due to University-Sponsored Activities or Legally Required Activities

        Refer to Section 4.9 of the Faculty Handbook found at the above link

            ***Only applicable to OU-Tulsa students in Norman-based degree programs***


Non-Discrimination Policy


Obligation and Collection of Student Fees

        Refer to section 4.5 of the Regents Policy Manual


Parental Access to Student Academic Records

            ***Only applicable to OU-Tulsa students in Norman-based degree programs***


Policy on Advertising and Promotion

        Refer to section 3.4.2 of the Regents Policy Manual


Policy on Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use on Campus and in the Workplace

        Refer to section 3.1.11 of thee Regents Policy Manual


Student Appeals Concerning English Proficiency of Instructors

            ***Only applicable to OU-Tulsa students in Norman-based degree programs***


OU-Tulsa Student Association (OUTSA) Constitution


OU-Tulsa Student Association (OUTSA) By-Laws


Policies for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Risk Management Policy (coming soon)


Student Travel Policy (coming soon)


Trademark/Licensing Policy for Student Organizations


15-Passenger Van Policy (coming soon)


Forms Associated with Policies for RSOs

Waiver Forms Associated with Risk Management Policy (coming soon)


How To

Register Student Organizations with OU-Tulsa Student Affairs


Reserve Founders Student Center Spaces for Student Organizations Functions


Apply for OU-Tulsa Student Association (OUTSA) Funding


Publicize on the OU-Tulsa Campus


Set up an OU-Tulsa Website for Registered Student Organizations (coming soon)


Spend Student Activity Fee Money Appropriately (coming soon)



Information for Faculty/Staff Advisers of Registered Student Organizations

Why Serve as a Registered Student Organization Adviser (coming soon)


Requirements to be an Adviser (coming soon)


Role and Responsibilities of an Adviser (coming soon)


Responsibilities of Registered Student Organizations to Advisers (coming soon)


Frequently Asked Questions - Adviser Resource (coming soon)