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Volunteerism has never been more important than it is today.  In our downturned economy, non-profit organizations rely heavily on volunteers to provide critical services to those in need.  In 2009, an estimated 231,000 Tulsans provided 22.5 million hours of volunteer service (Corporation for National and Community Service).  Even though volunteerism is strong in Tulsa, the organizations that depend on volunteers are always looking for more people to help run their programs.


That’s why OU-Tulsa is taking this time to increase awareness about volunteerism and encourage its faculty, staff, and students to get out in the community.  Helping individuals in need is a driving force behind OU-Tulsa’s vision and new strategic plan.  It strives to build a nationally-recognized center of higher education excellence that emphasizes strong campus-community partnerships. 


“I’m In – For Me, OU-Tulsa and Community” is OU-Tulsa’s new volunteer program.  The program is all about getting the OU-Tulsa community excited about serving.  If you are already volunteering in the community, we want to know.  If you aren’t, we would love to help you find the perfect opportunities.


This website is designed to inspire you and help you get involved.  We encourage you to visit the links often to find out how you can help the Tulsa community.