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About the Redesign

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The University of Oklahoma homepage is the first view into our academics, life and culture for many people. It should tell a story and allow us to showcase who we are as SOONERS – especially to someone who may know very little about OU. Read more about the redesign here and give us feedback that will help impact future changes.



An extensive research phase kicked off the redesign process in November 2011 with a digital audit from Stamats Marketing, online surveys, analytics analysis and competitive analysis.



The research we conducted led into a design phase, undertaken with the help of IE Design + Communications. The design was created based on what would allow us to easily tell the OU story and showcase profiles, news, events, updates and communication without overwhelming visitors.


Content & Organization

The research phase also launched a project to reorganize the site so that visitors could more easily find the information they are looking for. New content was created and organized based on feedback from our visitors, to better serve their needs.


Building the Site

Since websites only get redesigned every 2-4 years, they have to be built to sustain changes, new ideas and constant content updates. A great deal of work went into the creation of the site components and widgets to allow our content authors to create content very quickly and efficiently. Read more about the technology behind this redesign.

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Overall Design

Clean, simple and classic design allows us to use our content to tell the OU story and change the story based on season.





By using responsive web design, there's no longer a need for a mobile site and a full site. The mobile version now uses all of the same content, but reformatted to fit better in a mobile device.

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More functional than ever before, clicking in the search box will bring up quicklinks based on analytics research. You also have the option to search within the site, or limit the search to OU people.

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Here we’re able to quickly tell visitors who we are, and to feature beautiful photos of our campus and people in the Sooner family.

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Even though the profile on the right side of the page has gone away, we now have a place to feature different video profiles throughout the year.


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While we’ve always featured OU news, we’ve only been able to feature a couple items at one time. This section now pulls in articles automatically and then links off to more news items.


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Social Media

OU has a very active social media presence, so we want to show it off on the homepage and strengthen the connection with our visitors by making it easier than ever to follow us.

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Audience Pages

Since the homepage cannot serve all the needs of our audiences, new pages have been created to quickly get you where you need to go. Bookmark these pages for a list of resources created just for you.

faculty, staff and researchers page

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About OU &
Life at OU

These are both brand new sections of content created to help tell the story of OU.

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