Imaging Information

Financial Services has completed the migration process from Oracle IPM to Laserfiche. The table below will outline which documents are available, including the time span.


Security Rights to Access Laserfiche

The Information Technology – Request for Imaging System Access form will give you security for Laserfiche. You may access this form by navigating to the following website:


Laserfiche Weblink

To access Laserfiche, navigate to the following website:

You will need to logon with your 4X4 and network password.


Problems Logging on to Laserfiche?

Contact IT – 325-8111 or


Open Records Laserfiche Documents

Frequently Used Date Range
Invoices 02/25/2013 - Current
Transfers 07/01/1995 - Current
Pcard CrimsonCorner 06/01/2013 - Current
Pcard Travel 08/01/2013 - Current
Other Date Range
Budget Revisions 07/01/2013 - Current
Central Mail Postage Billing 12/20/2006 - Current
Department Applications 07/01/2013 - Current
GP Coca Cola Billing 07/01/2005 - Current
ImageNet/BMI Billing 07/22/2005 - Current
IT/Telecom Billing 09/02/2005 - Current
Pcard CVC File 08/26/2005 - Current
Pcard Regular File 09/16/1997 - Current
Pcard Travel File 08/24/2005 - Current
Printing Services Billing 04/06/2010 - Current
Royalty Billing 04/29/2013 - Current
Sooner Copy Billing 04/20/2011 - Current
Standley Copier Billing 07/28/2005 - Current
Travels 07/01/2013 - Current


General Information

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