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Oracle IPM to Laserfiche

Financial Services is in the process of transitioning all search applications in Oracle IPM to Laserfiche.  Since Financial Services has been imaging documents into Oracle IPM (or any other of the various names we may have called it!) since July of 1995, search applications will be moved in phases and the final migration of all documents may take many months.


Security Rights to Access Oracle IPM or Laserfiche

The Information Technology – Request for Imaging System Access form will give you security for both Oracle IPM and Laserfiche.  If you had security to access Oracle IPM, you were automatically given security to Laserfiche.  You may access this form by navigating to the following website:


Oracle IPM

To access Oracle IPM, navigate to the following website:

You will need to logon with your 4X4.


Laserfiche Weblink

To access Laserfiche, navigate to the following website:

You will need to logon with your 4X4.


Problems Logging on to Oracle IPM or Laserfiche?

Contact IT – 325-8111 or


Which system do I use to find Financial Services documents?

Document Date Range Oracle IPM CrimsonCorner Laserfiche Weblink
AP Invoices 07/01/2005 - 06/30/2012 FSS Payments    
AP Invoices 07/01/2012 - 02/22/2013 FSS Payments - *CrimsonCorner - Multi-Purpose Non Catalog Item Form
*CrimsonCorner - Standing Orders
*All Payment Request Forms
*All Enabled Suppliers Electronic Invoices
AP Invoices 02/25/2013 - Current     Invoices
Pcard -
07/15/2005 -
PaymentNet Travel
Billing - Scanned
08/01/2013 -
Pcard - CrimsonCorner 06/01/2013 - Current     Pcard CrimsonCorner
  • Staples Advantage
  • VWR Intl LLC
  • Dell Mkt L P
JE Transfers 07/01/1995 - Current     Transfers
Book Exchange Billing 09/26/2005 - 06/30/2013 FSS Book Exchange Billing    
Book Exchange Billing 07/01/2013 - Current     Transfers
Travel Invoices Prior to 07/01/2013 Not Available - Secure Search    
Travel Invoices 07/01/2013 - Current     Travel
Department Number Applications Prior to 07/01/2013 Not Available - Secure Search    
Department Number Applications 07/01/2013 - Current     Department Applications
Budget Revisions Prior to 07/01/2013 Not Available - Secure Search    
Budget Revisions 07/01/2013 - Current     Budget Revisions


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