Optical Imaging

Financial Services utilizes an optical imaging system to store and retrieve documentation in support of cash disbursements (i.e., accounts payable and travel), department applications, and transfer forms (i.e., JE). In order to facilitate and further enhance the scanning of documents, we would appreciate your assistance in following these guidelines when submitting documents to Financial Services for processing:

  • Do not use any highlighters or reference markers. Rather, circle important information.
  • Utilize a black pen when indicating approval or other pertinent accounting information.
  • Tape calculator tapes to a white piece of paper, not on the invoice.
  • No black underlining
  • Remove shading from all transfer forms
  • Make sure that all invoices submitted for payment are readable, especially copies received from vendors.

We have developed Optical Imaging Indexing Standards to create consistency in the optical imaging filing system. The Optical Imaging Standards can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions regarding any of your documents, please contact FSS@ou.edu.