Checks and Warrants Replacement Procedures


"Warrants" are checks printed by the State Treasurer's Office. "Checks" are printed by Financial Services or the Bursar's Office.



Report the loss of a state warrant to Financial Services at 325-3021. Financial Services will place a stop payment on the original warrant with the State Treasurer’s Office, prepare the “State of Oklahoma Warrant Replacement Request” and forward it to the payee.

The payee or current holder of the lost or destroyed warrant must sign, obtain notary, and return the completed form to Financial Services.  Financial Services will forward the form to the State Finance Office where the replacement warrant is subsequently issued and returned for distribution.


If a University check is lost or destroyed, the payee should contact the office responsible for the check's issuance, i.e. the Bursar’s Office or Financial Services.  The checks issued by Financial Services will display Fund 700 on the check.  Bursar’s checks will display Fund 1760.  The respective office is responsible for replacing or canceling the checks issued by their office.  

Once the payee contacts the appropriate office, a “Stop Payment Request Form” will be completed by the office of issuance and sent to the State Treasurer’s Office.  The affidavit for “Lost or Destroyed University of Oklahoma Check” form will be prepared by the office of issuance.  The payee or current holder of the lost or destroyed check must sign and return the completed affidavit form to the appropriate office.  A replacement check will be prepared and available for distribution in approximately three to five business days.


Upon special request by a payee or department in the case of suspected forgery, Financial Services will obtain copies of cashed warrants from the State Finance Office.
If the payee's signature is forged, a form provided by the State Treasurer's Office to Financial Services is executed in order to process a replacement check or warrant. The payee should sign this form at Financial Services and give an address or telephone number. Once the funds are recovered, a replacement will be issued to the payee and returned to Financial Services for distribution.  The replacement check or warrant will be forwarded to the address provided or may be picked up at Financial Services.

A replacement check can only be issued by the State Treasurer’s Office.  Financial Services cannot issue a replacement for a forged warrant or check.


Warrants and checks which remain outstanding or unpaid for a period of ninety (90) days will be revoked or canceled as prescribed by Oklahoma law.  After this time, the warrant or check should be returned to the office of issuance (Financial Services or the Bursar’s Office) for re-issuance.

If the warrant or check is not available, a “State of Oklahoma Warrant Replacement Request” will be prepared and will be signed by the payee.  A replacement warrant will be issued by the State Finance Office in approximately two to three weeks.


  • Payroll – Request for Payroll Warrants to be canceled should be forwarded to Financial Services.  Credit will be given on the employee’s earnings record and to the originating department.  Forward them immediately to assure proper credit before the 90 day expiration date.
  • Budget and Restricted Departments – Requests for all Fund 700 checks and warrants to be canceled should be forwarded to Financial Services. Credit will be given to the department affected provided the warrant has not exceeded the 90 day expiration date.
  • Auxiliary and Agency Departments – Requests to cancel checks issued through the Bursar's Office and Financial Services should be forwarded to that office, respectively, where credit will be given to the department affected. This will be done on a monthly basis.