Cornerstone: Love and War in Guppies.
Biol 2970.046, M/W 9 - 10:15
and T 10:30 - 1:20

In this class you will learn how to conduct science. We will work together to develop a scientific question into an actual experiment, that you will carry out. There are many important skills you will learn: solving problems, analyzing data, presenting research, and critical thinking.
We will focus on Sexual Selection Theory, one of the most important concepts in Evolutionary Biology. The study organism we will use is a tropical fish, the Guppy.

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Instructor bio

Dr. Ingo Schlupp is an Evolutionary Ecologist who studies fishes. He came to OU in 2005 and has worked with many Graduate and Undergraduate students on research projects. For more information visit his website or contact him by e-mail (