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Center for Teaching Excellence

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“The future of the world is in my (OU) classroom, today!”
- Ivan Welton Fitzwater

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What's Going on at CTE

New Faculty

2019 Tenure & Promotion Workshop

When: Saturday, 8:45am - 1:00pm, 2/23/2019
Where: Check in at Wagner Hall Lobby
Dossiers: you can drop by CTE  at Old Science Building, Room 224 during business hours to review a collection of dossiers from recently tenured faculty members from various fields (see second page).

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Faculty Fellow Theme: Student Cultivation

Topics will  include: 1) Planting the seed: Generating student buy-in for the active learning classroom and teaching methods; 2) Spreading the fertilizer: Classroom activities and formative assessments for the Growth Mindset; and 3) Revising learning outcomes and developing new test questions faculty can help blossom into lifelong learners.

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Blended Teaching and Learning

GTA Academy Programs

Graduate Teaching Academy (GTA) seeks to promote and maintain a standard of teaching excellence amongst graduate students at the University of Oklahoma. The academy is open to all current graduate students and postdocs who are interested in professional development activities focused on enhancing teaching to improve student learning.

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CTE - Old Science Hall

CTE Peer Course Observation Search Portal

The purpose of this portal is to make teaching and learning more open, accessible, and collaborative among OU faculty. A list of carefully selected faculty members has volunteered to open their classes. They are from various disciplines in Architecture, Fine Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, & STEM. Login »

CTE Event Attendance Portal

This portal allows you to see a summary of the CTE events that you have attended from Fall 2017 to current. As a professional record, you can also print out your event summary with the CTE’s letterhead from the portal by semester or by academic year. Login »