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“To provide the best possible educational experience for our students.”

What's Going on at CTE

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Tuesdays, Sept 1–Nov 17, 2015

The seminar series promotes an environment for conversations, interactions, and networking with new faculty and the campus community. Faculty will connect with the units and personnel responsible for supporting their careers in teaching and research.

Lunch will be provided.


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Graduate Teaching Academy (GTA) seeks to promote and maintain a standard of teaching excellence amongst graduate students at the University of Oklahoma. The academy is open to all current graduate students and postdocs who are interested in professional development activities focused on enhancing teaching to improve student learning.


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2015 Faculty Fellows

The CTE Faculty Fellows have put together a collection of enrichment activities around a central theme. Each Faculty Fellow has selected a specific theme that they are passionate about and wanted to engage in discussion with the Faculty during this academic year. The enrichment activities for each theme may include learning communities, book discussions, seminars, and workshops.  

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OU Create Project provides domain names and web space to members of the OU community, encouraging individuals to explore the creation and development of their digital identities. Users have access to a wide variety of open source tools to create and maintain websites and leaves the data in their control.

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