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This Level I course challenges workers to examine their sensitivity and responsiveness to the diverse cultures of the populations they serve.  Which policies, programs, and practices are appropriate to a child’s and family’s cultural values, traditions, needs and expectations?  Participants will examine the cultural norms, values, codes of conduct, traditions and child rearing practices of various ethnic, cultural, economic, generational and other groups served by DHS.  Participants will examine their own culture, traditions, and economic values - recognizing the potential impact upon their own outlook and the decisions they make concerning their clients. We will examine the growing diversity created by four generations currently co-existing in the workplace and will examine the growing diversity created by ‘class’: generational poverty, middle class, and wealth.


Training Group: This workshop is mandatory for new workers who have completed CORE Training. Workers are enrolled in this training by the CW training section. If there are available slots, the workshop will be unrestricted for addition-al enrollment two weeks prior to the work-shop.


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