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This training is intended to broaden the scope of learning for entry level workers by reviewing the journey families take through the Child Welfare system, deprived court system, and the Oklahoma Child Welfare theory and practice.  Its purpose is to equip the beginning worker with the frame work of the systems they are working within and the ability to guide families through it.  It will begin the journey through learning to utilize the many components of the Oklahoma Child Welfare theory and practice in an effort to realize better outcomes for families, which Permanency Planning II (CW 1026), will then, explore in more depth.  This class is intended to instruct entry level workers on policy and practice expectations in regards to the ongoing AOCS, the FFA, the ISP, monthly worker visitation, sibling connections, due diligent searches, family engagement, the court process, and Independent Living Services.  The focus of instruction will be to understand that the ultimate goals of a permanency planning worker are to ensure safety and achieve permanency for every child.  It will impress upon the participants an understanding of the pivotal role the Permanency Planning worker plays in the life of a case through lecture, class discussion, videos, group activities, and through hearing directly from a panel of system involved youth. 


Training Group: This class is intended for new Permanency Planning, Comprehensive, and Family Centered Services workers.  It is designed to best serve entry level workers, within three months of the completion of CORE training. 

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