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Upon completion, workers will:

  • Understand the effects of abuse concerning 6 major drugs: stimulants/methamphetamine, depressants/alcohol, hallucinogens, narcotics, marijuana, and prescription drugs
  • Learn about the disease concept of addiction in adults and adolescents
  • Gain skills in recognizing the signs and stages of drug use on a continuum, and also understand how assessment tools aid in formulating an effective treatment plan (SASSI)
  • Gain skills in dealing with a client in denial of his/her addictionUnderstand key elements of the 12 step recovery program, and understand the risk factors that lead to relapse
  • Gain a greater understanding of how addiction affects the family system, and will be able to identify and utilize recovery resources within the client’s community
Training Group: This workshop is mandatory for new workers who have completed CORE Training. Workers are enrolled in this training by the CW training section. If there are available slots, the workshop will be unrestricted for addition-al enrollment two weeks prior to the work-shop.



Workers are required to complete the "Understanding Substance Abuse for Child Welfare Professionals" online training located in the LMS accessible via the OKDHS InfoNet training tab 2 weeks prior to attending this training. Below are PDF instructions for the LMS systesm and substance abuse online training. Click on the file to save it to your computer.

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Understanding Substance Abuse Training

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