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Level I - Mandatory Specialized Training

After the completion of Child Welfare CORE Training and the successful completion of New Worker Certification, new workers are expected to complete the mandatory specialized workshops within eighteen months following their start date with DHS. New workers will be enrolled and notified via email when their enrollment schedule is completed. Workers may view their schedule in KIDS.

Classes listed below are the required classes for graduates of current COREs or those graduating after CORE 315. For a list of required Level I classes for workers of previous COREs or those graduating prior to CORE 316 click on the link below for a list of requirements.

CLICK HERE - Level 1 Requirements Prior to CORE 316

Courses listed in bold with the following (*) denotes they are approved for CEU credit. For a complete list of courses approved for CEU's, please visit the following page: CEU's for Social Work Licensure

  • CW 1002 - *Child Sexual Abuse
  • CW 1003 - *Cross Cultural Responsiveness
  • CW 1008 - Legal (Online)
  • CW 1009 - *Behavior Health and Substance Abuse
  • CW 1010 - Out of Home Care (Online)
  • CW 1024 - *Domestic Violence
  • CW 1027 - Resource Family Assessment
  • CW 1037 - Finding & Preparing for a Forever Home (Previously CAPT)
  • CW 1057 - Bridge Guiding Principles
  • CW 1115 - Intro to Child Safety Meeting
  • CW 1150 - Worker Safety

Level II - Intermediate Specialized Training

Workers in specialized tracks (Child Protective Services, Permanency Planning, Foster Care, Adoptions or Comprehensive) must complete their Level II training within 36 months of their CORE graduation date. With supervisory approval, workers may enroll themselves in these workshops on KIDS.

  • CW 2008 - Advanced Legal (Online)
  • CW 2009 - *Exploring the Child Welfare - Substance Abuse Connection
  • CW 2015 - Out of Home Investigation
  • CW 2111 - *Early Child Development in Child Welfare

Level III - Specialized Training

These trainings are for experienced staff who have completed their Level I and Level II specific tracks.

Misc - Specialized Optional Training

With SUPERVISORY APPROVAL, any worker may enroll themselves in these workshops on KIDS regardless of their status of completion in Level I, II or III trainings.

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