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Debt-Free Graduates

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How it Works

Dr. Joyce Brandes with students

Once you graduate as an approved "debt-free teacher," you teach in a mutually-agreed upon high-need area of education in Oklahoma and we foot the bill for up to $20,000 of your student loans.  On your end, you are responsible for checking in with the College twice annually--once by November 1st, the other by May 1st--to verify your high quality teacher status and employment.  You will find all of the forms and information you need right here.

Debt-Free Graduate Student Checklist

student checklist

As a “Debt Free” Graduate:

• Maintain high-quality teacher status, as verified by employer

• Teach in an approved Oklahoma school

• Teach in an approved high-need content area, OR:

• Teach in an approved high-need environment (i.e. urban/rural schools)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who can apply?

All students seeking their initial teacher preparation degree.  This includes freshman, upper classmen, and transfer students.

What qualifications do I need to meet to be eligible for this program?      

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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Erasing Debt

Your loan is a serious legal obligation.  It is extremely important that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

1. I understand that I must report any of the following to University of Oklahoma Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education

A.    If I withdraw from school, transfer to another school, or drop below full-time status.

B.    If my address or telephone number changes.

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Lew Wentz Oklahoma Teacher Debt Forgiveness Loan

Dr. Timothy Laubach

In order to provide Oklahoma schoolchildren with the best possible education, the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education has established a Debt Forgiveness Program, a merit and need based assistance initiative directed toward outstanding students in the College with significant debt associated with their education.  This program provides loan funds to postsecondary students who are completing or plan to complete coursework that is needed to begin a career in teaching, and who serve for at least four years as a full-time, highly qualified teacher in a high-need field.

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