Statement of Problem

Rationale and Research Questions





      This is an overview documenting the history of the Internet from conception through today, and looks at how effectively it is used within Department of Defense. The policy and guidance from top level policy makers dictate what the purpose of the web is, and it is this purpose statement that webmasters use when creating military web sites. This documentation looks at the theoretical perspectives of Chaos, Uses and Gratification, and Agenda-setting to provide suggestions in enhancing the effectiveness and overall goal of military web sites. A current proposal by the U.S. Air Force to standardize web sites and create a control point for information on the web is causing DoD webmasters to rethink the way information is fed to the public. This study finds major resistance to centralization by webmasters in the field, and recommends additional research to determine what the true purpose is of a military web site, and is it necessary to have one point of control in order to improve upon what DoD has done with the Internet..