Statement of Problem

Rationale and Research Questions




Statement of Problem 

      The U.S. Air Force is proposing a strategy to the Department of Defense that the DoD take primary control of all military web sites. The Air Force is introducing the proposal because of the numerous security and policy violations currently on military web sites, the lack of a “corporate identity” for each service, and the additional manpower and resources necessary at military installations required to support web site administration. The Air Force proposes to negotiate a contract for server space, a mirror site (or backup server), and create a template to be used by military installations for their sites. A “gatekeeper” will still be present at each installation and this person will have the ability and authority to upload, delete, and modify information on the site. However, this information would have to fit into the “cookie cutter” template created by DoD. DoD taking control of the sites in this fashion will relieve the financial, manpower, and resource burdens from military installations and protect national security. It will allow the DoD, or each individual service, the ability to “brand” or give a corporate identity to its sites. However, some installations may not want to give up complete control of their web sites and the general public may perceive the “sterile” or impersonal nature of the DoD-regulated sites as censorship.