Statement of Problem 

Literature Review 

Rationale and  
Research Questions 




     The growing impact of civilian encroachment toward military installations is causing the military interesting problems.  The need to train versus the civilian communitiesí desire for a peaceful existence is coming more into conflict.  Between 1980 and 1996, research showed that urban growth at military installations ranged from 15 % to 57 %, with the national average being 13.7 %.  This paper reveals that most active installations today are experiencing regional rates of growth at five to ten times the national average accompanied by an increase in noise complaints.
     This document reviews extensive literature in each topical area, including many research papers and literature reviews carried out by the National Environmental Protection Agency, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Land Use Study Program, and the Federal Aviation Administration.  It was determined that the amount of federal legislation calling for control, mitigation, and prevention of noise exceeds other environmental issues. In addition, research showed that local ordinances, not state laws, posed the greatest future challenge to the military, because there are no national noise laws or regulations.  
     Efforts have been made to present the military with critical findings and conclusions providing a conclusion, criterion, or perspective concerned with encroachment and noise.