Dr. Michael Pfau 

This research group acknowledges the many contributions Dr. Pfau has given the students during this DoD Joint Course in Communication class.  His patience and measured guidance facilitated this group's success and ability to employ the knowledge and skills gained during the course.  "Remember you, we will" -- Yoda.

H. Tom Hall

Crazy Tom.  Thank you for your persistent patience and guidance as this novice group charted its path into the murky waters of research and theory.  Despite the cases of Shiner Bock et al. we consumed, you were able to move us along the path of knowledge.  Semper Gumby.

Bill Pierro

Native American name "Old Man Who Tells Many Stories."  Thank you for managing a great program that public affairs practitioners can take back to the field and use to improve their ability to tell "the story".

All DoD Joint Course in Communication instructors

Our brains runneth over.  We will endeavor to employ the skills you've introduced to us.  Continue your quest to impart knowledge upon those who seek it for yours is truly a noble profession.

Administrative staff

Kristi and Jenna, as non-academic types, you were our bridges back to reality.  You offered us hope that although one is surrounded by big-word-usin', many-degree-holdin', fast-talkin', knowledge-spewin', scholarly types, one can exist and prosper on equal footing.  Thanks.

Paul Coupaud

You are helluva a guy, an awesome NCO, and a great credit to the United States Air Force.  Thank you for your immense technical knowledge, advice, and "look out and let me fix it" attitude while putting together this Web page and every time our computers burped, crashed, or otherwise just outsmarted us.  Thanks for being on our team, too!