Guidelines and information for web pages can be obtained by accessing the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps internet site. Each service may impose guidelines for PA offices to follow.


Numerous styleguides are available through DoD service channel's, as well as on the World Wide Web. To assist PA offices and page designers in formulating web pages, a link to the Yale University Styleguide is provided. Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide


PA service unique guidelines are available by accessing PA offices from Department of Defense Links to the services' PA page. Go to "DoD" or "PA Chief" to access service guidelines.

Do's & Don'ts

Remember, graphics and alternative "text only" page views should be available. Don't use graphics or images that will slow the loading of a web pages to more than 10 seconds. Don't use the word "Click here" for any link to another page or site (all links must work). Prominenly displayed items that jump, flash, move or are animated should be avoided, except when highlighting new items or informational text that is regularly updated. Do not leave information standing alone. Content, should be organized and follow a hierarchy under a generic label. Frames or borders should not be used.To continue, click "DoD" to link to the "Department of Defense Links" page.

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