Department of Defense 
Joint Course in Communication 
Univeristy of Oklahoma

 The Department of Defense, in conjunction with the Communication Department at the University of Oklahoma, provides a two-month course in communications for the military's public affairs professionals.  The class provides a crash course in all areas of communication studies.  At the conclusion, students work in groups on a final project, applying the theories they have studied to resolve an actual military public affairs problem.  Part of the project is to design a web page to post the results on the internet. The pages are listed below:

Class 98A
Group 1
Image repair of military healthcare
Group 2
Toward a model of effective external computer mediated communication
Group 3
Media pools and the military
Group 4
Proactive media communication:  Changing public affairs response doctrine 
Class 98B
Group 1
Deception and credibility 
Group 2
Outsourcing military public affairs 
Group 3
Redefining the role of public affairs as gatekeepers  

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