Maintaining Credibility Within Military Public Affairs While Preserving and Participating in Military Deception

Rudy Hernandez, Tina M. Sims, John R. Borlik Jr., Randy Phelps and James A. Rush

DOD Short Course in Communication

University of Oklahoma

"Deception operations will not intentionally target or mislead the U.S. public, U.S. Congress, or the U.S. news media. Misinforming the media about military capabilities and intentions in ways that influence U.S. decision makers and public opinion is contrary to DOD policy.
"Deception operations that have activities potentially visible to the media or the public should be coordinated with the appropriate public affairs officers to identify any potential problems. Coordination will reduce the chance that public affairs officers will inadvertantly reveal information that could undermine ongoing or planned deception operations."
Joint Doctrine for Military Deception, 1994