The gatekeeping role of military public affairs is to provide the most timely, accurate information possible without censorship or propaganda (Government Information Quarterly, 1992).  Still, like the ill-fated forces using the Maginot Line, military public affairs has at times erroneously hidden behind the gate of information believing they were impenetrable.  Gatekeepers control what information is provided to a particular audience (Infante, Rancer, & Womack, 1997).  Public Affairs serves as gatekeepers, being the intermediary between the military and the civilian community.  It is their job to control the flow of information and relay the military side of the story to the public through external media.  According to Department of Defense policy, this means delivering all information, not just portions.  In the following three cases, Public Affairs’ release of information led to a perception that military Public Affairs is filled with agenda setting, deception and expectancy violation.

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