Group 2


everybody is 

thinking alike,



isn't thinking!"

--Gen. George S. Patton

         The gonzo journalists (but no broadcasters) of Class 98-C Group 2--that wild and crazy bunch--would have made Sigmund Freud (not to mention Hunter S. Thompson) proud.

         We came to the Short Course from across the Department of Defense not knowing how much we didn't know, and never figuring that we would actually learn anything of use.

         But learn we did. (Say 'Hallelujah'). And, like children grabbing candy from a broken pinata, we picked up key phrases from our professors that we will always use to fondly remember them by.  Things like "hippie freaks" and "it ain't right" will be with us for a long, long time.  

         We 'sucked the knowledge' while we were here (thanks Melinda) and will move on.  But we'll always remember our times together--meeting Wild Bill Piero for giant margaritas and Mexican food the night before our first class; downing jugs o' beer at Coach's on Wednesday nights and watching South Park; bringing couches to our barbecues; enduring college jocks who don't understand old people need their sleep; the paper-thin walls of the Yorkshire apartments. . .

         The proud members of Class 98-C Group 2 are:

        Navy Civilian Dan Barber (Naval Hospital, Twentynine Palms, Calif.)

        Marine Gunnery Sergeant Arturo Prioletta (HQ, Marine Corps, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.)

        Air Force Staff Sergeant Jon Hanson (McChord AFB, Wash.)

        Air Force Technical Sergeant Alan Black (U.S. Strategic Command, Offut AFB, Omaha, Neb.)

        Air Force Civilian Lynda Yezzi (45th Space Wing, Patrick AFB & Cape Canaveral, Fla.)

         We leave here knowing more than when we arrived, as will those who follow us. May we meet again in the future and remember the phrase: "Do you have any quantitative data to back that up?"

    Group 2